The Best Italian Cuisine on Arthur Avenue


Tino’s Delicatessen promises a convenient, delicious meal that will keep students coming back for more. (Courtesy of Instagram)

When it comes time to venture off campus for a bite to eat, there is one place I always have in mind: Tino’s Delicatessen. Being only a ten-minute walk away from campus, I find myself there almost too often. Whether you are in the mood for a flavorful sandwich, a platter of homemade pasta — or even gelato — Tino’s has something for everyone to enjoy. I think I can speak for myself, as well as my friends and family, when I say that Tino’s has not only the best food but also the best customer service. 

My go-to order at Tino’s is the Isabella: A delightful combination of breaded chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and a coating of balsamic glaze. With the first bite of the sandwich, I notice nothing but perfection. As any fellow Italian would be able to realize, the quality of the mozzarella adds to the sublime taste of the sandwich. If the ingredients inside of this culinary masterpiece are not enough to satisfy your tastebuds, the outside of the sandwich is equally as exquisite. The perfectly toasted ciabatta that encapsulates the sandwich allows every bite to be met with a crisp crunch. The portions offered at Tino’s are also very plentiful, as I find myself faced with a challenge to finish the entire sandwich in one sitting (although I manage to every time). The large size along with the excellent taste of the sandwich make it worth the price, which comes in at $13 after tax. At Tino’s, one will completely forget about the money they spend at the register with the first bite of their meal. I can confidently say that most of my withdrawals of funds this month have taken place at Tino’s, and I do not regret any of them. 

If sandwiches do not strike your fancy, don’t fret — the extensive menu at Tino’s offers a wide variety of options. The large and diverse variations of pasta and wood-fired pizza will be enough to add a stop at Tino’s to your weekly itinerary. The assortment of food does not stop here: Tino’s offers dessert as well, with numerous flavors of gelato and cannolis, providing service to any sweet tooth. As an avid fan of gelato, I had to pay a visit to Tino’s gelato freezer, and I am extremely glad that I did. Upon the first spoonful of stracciatella gelato, I tasted nothing but perfection. With the ideal chocolate to vanilla ratio and its smooth consistency, I was instantly in a state of grace. The pure convenience factor of having sweet and savory options all within the same establishment also makes Tino’s a no-brainer when I go out to eat with friends. Tino’s is also a great place to engage in meals with friends and family because of the multiple seating options which allow you to indulge in your fresh platters as soon as possible. 

The customer service at Tino’s is undoubtedly one of the best I have ever experienced. Upon entering, one is always greeted with a smile and a welcoming staff eager to provide one of the best meals you will have that day. Each time that I have visited Tino’s, my food has been delivered in a timely manner with perfection — so if you are in a time crunch and need to make a quick stop, Tino’s is your spot. 

If you are neither an Italian cuisine connoisseur nor a gelato-loving foodie, feel free to stop into Tino’s to absorb the authentic Italian atmosphere or shop around the perimeter of the store for an assortment of imported Italian delicacies such as pastas, cookies, cheeses and sauces. The cozy and comforting environment of Tino’s makes it a pleasure to walk through and to take in the diverse arrangements of authentic Italian commodities.  

The wide array of sandwiches, Italian cuisine, imported goods and desserts available at Tino’s Delicatessen make it a weekly trip for many students, including myself. 

As me and my brother both attend Fordham University, there is always one place that my parents want to go when they visit: Tino’s. This deli is quite the crowd pleaser, but don’t take it from my family. If you take the time to pay Tino’s Delicatessen a visit, I promise you will not be disappointed.