Bringing the Art of Italian Fare to the Bronx


Casa Della Mozzarella brings the authentic flavors of Italy to the Bronx. (Courtesy of Twitter)

When searching for an authentic Italian sandwich near Fordham’s campus, there is no better place than Casa Della Mozzarella. From the authentic experience of entering the store to the quality of the products they sell, it is an amazing way to experience a taste of Italy in the Bronx. In the store you will find the so-called “King of Mozzarella” along with his family making the famed mozzarella and slicing up meats for sandwiches. Casa Della Mozzarella is a great representation of a family-owned business that has popularity beyond the local community, and their products have a beautiful story behind them.

Dating back to 1987 in Sicily, owner Orazio Carciotto came to the United States knowing no English and began working odd jobs in order to pursue his passion of making mozzarella. With much determination and sacrifice he was able to reach that goal. The original owner of the Bronx store ended up retiring, so in 1993 Orazio bought the business and began pursuing his dream. 

He started making everything himself, and now that his son, Carlo, has joined him, they run the business together. They became successful over the years since they opened, and now produce 3,000 pounds of mozzarella every week. 

In addition to mozzarella, they make a plethora of other items such as burrata and scamorza, along with imported chocolates and drinks from Italy. The store uses the motto, “It’s just different,” which embodies the experience one will have when visiting the store and enjoying their food. In recent years, they have grown an immense presence on social media following videos posted of Carlo making the mozzarella, which has boosted their popularity. They now have over 35k followers on their Instagram page (@casadellamozzarella).

When approaching the store on Arthur Avenue, you may observe a long line of people eagerly awaiting to go inside the store. Once you enter the store, you are immersed in an Italian haven. The walls are lined with Italian snacks and drinks that are all enticing in their own way. Although they are most famous for what is behind the counter: the mozzarella. After reading the menu and browsing the shop’s products, you may order whatever you want. Some of their most popular sandwiches include the “Casa” and “II Classico” paninis that include their famous mozzarella and traditional Italian ingredients. You can also order any of their sliced meats, cheeses and the great selection of olives they have. While waiting for your order, I recommend looking at the Italian cookies and candies they have lined along the walls which can give you that sweet treat for after your Italian sandwich. When your order is ready, you receive it in a branded reusable bag, which reminds you of the experience you had in the shop. There is no way to encapsulate the aura of the store, so you must stop in when you are on Arthur Avenue.

While there are many Italian shops and restaurants in the Bronx community near Fordham’s Rose Hill campus, the experience of being in Casa Della Mozzarella is one like no other. 

The sheer friendliness and knowledge of those that work there is only one of admiration. Beyond the store itself, Carciotto represents how those immigrated to the United States come here with a desire to share their passion, and it is important for us to help them accomplish that dream. In recent times, the COVID-19 pandemic has only made this more difficult, and it is important as a Fordham student to support our local shops as these business owners dedicate their lives to serve our community. I encourage all of you to stop by the store when you can, as you may taste the best mozzarella you have ever had in your life.