Fordham Partners with the Career Center to Create New Seminar


The new seminar will allow students to develop skills that will advance their professional careers. (Courtesy of Instagram)

This semester, Fordham College Rose Hill (FCRH) partnered with the Career Center to create a one-credit seminar for liberal arts students. The seminar, recently renamed Career Exploration, is designed to give students an “extra edge” in the professional development world. The seminar is taught by Annette McLaughlin, director of the Career Center and Cheretta Robson, senior associate director.

The seminar meets once a week on Thursdays from 2:30-3:45 p.m. at Rose Hill. However, Lincoln Center students may also register for the seminar; the Career Center team is aiming to have the course available at both campuses in fall 2023. There are currently 13 students registered for the seminar.
The focus of the class is to help students discover and examine their career interests and potential jobs. Students who enroll in the seminar will develop skills necessary to advance their careers such as networking, professional presentation, resume-building and interview preparation.

“The course will focus on looking at different career paths and giving liberal arts students the tools and resources employers seek,” said Robson.

Before COVID-19, the FCRH Dean’s Office, the 2019 FCRH dean’s council and the Career Center had discussed the possibility of designing a course dedicated to helping liberal arts students explore various career paths as well as familiarize themselves with the hiring process. However, the pandemic caused the Career Center to put all plans regarding the course on hold. Therefore, this spring is the first time the Career Exploration seminar will be offered.

“Unfortunately, [COVID-19] hit and changed the way we all operated. During the pandemic, we created virtual communities, which were a success. We had over 80 students, all liberal arts majors, learn about various careers. As we all navigated the pandemic and employers are returning to campus, this was a great time to move forward with the course,” said Robson.

The elective course is open to first- and second-year students at Fordham. Therefore, one of the goals of the seminar is to help students build interview and networking skills in order to help them secure undergraduate internships.

“Students should take this seminar not only to get ready for the world of work in the future, but also to learn about the different kinds of jobs that are out there. The course is designed to help students create resumes and cover letters, gain interviewing skills, set up LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, discuss the importance of networking, search for jobs and internships and also hear from employers about the skills needed for any type of workplace,” said Robson.

The Career Exploration seminar is just one of the many available resources offered to all Fordham students through Fordham’s Career Center. Throughout the year, the Career Center hosts workshops, counseling services and networking events which serve as a chance for students to meet prospective employers from diverse companies as well as get their resumes reviewed by recruiters.

This spring, Fordham is offering three other seminars in conjunction to Career Exploration: Foundations in Research Engagement, First Generation Seminar: The Hidden Curriculum and Where Can the Liberal Arts Take Me?