Sophomore Films and Photographs Campus Life


Lane captures the entertainment and sports side of campus life in film. (Courtesy of Stephanie Lane for The Fordham Ram)

From the moment Stephanie Lane, FCRH ’25, stepped foot on campus, she knew that she wanted to get involved. A New Media and Digital Design major with a passion for videography and photography, Lane is a video producer for WFUV and media manager for Fordham Club Baseball, Fordham Men’s Ice Hockey and Fordham Dance Team. While she isn’t in WFUV’s studio or photographing a sports event, Lane is a “Ramfluencer” for Fordham’s marketing team, a member of Fordham Club Swim and a photographer, author and model for MODE Magazine. 

Lane had heard about WFUV before she began her freshman year, so she immediately got in contact with the radio and began her training as an intern in November 2021. This past fall, Lane became a video producer working in entertainment. 

“I knew that I was super interested in video production … I did a lot in high school with video production and editing, but I’d never done anything with entertainment before so I decided to do that rather than something with sports.”

During a typical week as a WFUV video producer, Lane goes into the studio at least once a week to film. In the Keating basement, Lane gets the opportunity to meet up-and-coming artists, which she says is one of her favorite parts about working at WFUV. Typically, the band or artist plays three songs in the studio, which Lane and a group of video producers record and edit throughout the week. 

“A lot of the artists are super nice. Working with different artists is one of my favorite parts because you’re interacting with someone who’s so talented,” said Lane.

This past semester, Lane had the opportunity to work with Beabadoobee, an indie-pop singer-songwriter from London. Beabadoobee recorded three songs with WFUV: “Coffee,” “See You Soon” and an unreleased song, “Glue Song.” Beabadoobee’s performance of “Glue Song” now has over 180,000 views on WFUV’s Youtube. Post-jam session, Lane even gave Beabadoobee a tour of campus after she expressed that she wanted to “experience the American uni life.” 

Lane also has a passion for photography, which she credits to both her dad and her high school’s curriculum that allowed her to take a variety of photography classes. 

“My dad was super into photography, so we always had cameras around. I got acquainted with photography because of him. I got more involved with video editing in high school when I got to take electives. That’s when I figured out I wanted to go into some type of video production,” said Lane. 

Since she’d taken photography classes in high school and had a growing interest for the craft, Lane decided that she may as well put her skills to work at Fordham. By documenting various Fordham sporting events, Lane has had the chance to make friends, start building her portfolio and, most importantly, have fun. Lane’s first time working as a project-based media producer for Fordham Athletics was this past fall at Late Night on the Hill, an event to celebrate the men’s and women’s basketball teams’ kickoff to the 2022-23 season. Throughout the event, Lane captured the basketball team players as they made their grand entrance, a performance by rapper Wale and the bleachers packed with enthusiastic students. 

“Basically, I’m trying to bring fans into the game and get them involved in that. I’ll take a video of the event and have 24-48 hours to edit the video.”

Although she practically had to pull an all-nighter to edit the video, Lane felt a sense of accomplishment and purpose after she completed her first project.

“I’d love to showcase that we do actually have sports here and people should come here if they’re interested in that. We do have great programs, and I think they aren’t highlighted enough.”

Ice hockey is Lane’s favorite sport to watch. Therefore the Fordham Hockey was the first team Lane reached out to and asked to photograph. 

“I love all the players on the teams I photograph, but hockey is definitely my favorite because of my passion for the sport. In the future, I think I want to go into some hockey-related job rather than a different sport,” said Lane. 

Lane also noted that one of her favorite parts of photographing club sports is the creative freedom that comes along with it. If she were taking photos for Fordham’s D1 teams, Lane would have less independence when it comes to posting on social media. Not only does Lane appreciate the opportunity to explore her creative side, but she also is grateful for the fact that players and their families appreciate her work. 

“I love when players will come up to me and say ‘Thank you so much for your photographs, I share them with my family.’ I think it’s super rewarding when parents and players thank me for taking pictures. I know that I’m not only building my own platform, but it’s also emotional with players’ parents, and I like how there’s multiple levels to my job. When I went into it, I didn’t realize it would have that impact on other people.”