Winterfest Presents: Peach Tree Rascals

CAB’s Winterfest concert brought the Peach Tree Rascals to Fordham. (Courtesy of Isabella DeRosa for The Fordham Ram)

CAB’s Winterfest concert brought the Peach Tree Rascals to Fordham. (Courtesy of Isabella DeRosa for The Fordham Ram)

Isabella DeRosa, Contributing Writer

On Friday, Jan. 27, Lincoln Center’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted its annual Winterfest celebration. Winterfest is one of the biggest events hosted by Lincoln Center CAB, and this year’s concert was its first in-person since COVID-19. This year, Winterfest hosted the alternative group the Peach Tree Rascals, who went viral on TikTok back in 2019. 

The doors opened at 5 p.m., and upon entering the event, guests were greeted with blue and white Winterfest decor and an exciting atmosphere. The concert took place in the Lowenstein Pope Auditorium at the Lincoln Center campus. The venue was a perfect fit for the concert with both seating and an open floor for guests to dance along to the music. Cool lighting and refreshments gave the room a comfortable feel. Prior to the Peach Tree Rascals’ appearance, two of Fordham’s very own student bands performed as opening acts. The first opener was Melissa Joy, FCLC ’24. Joy, a singer-songwriter from Long Island, performed music spanning several genres including a cover of “Mr. Brightside” and her latest single, “Achilles.” Joy was the perfect way to kick off the show as her music set the vibe for the night. The atmosphere was filled with fun and upbeat energy. 

Next up was Jacob Sins, FCLC ’23, along with band members Lucy Murray, Anna Helldorfer, Peter Zirnis, Adriana Braganza and Arielle Schmidt. Sins played some brilliant originals and fun covers that had everyone singing along. Both Sins and Joy are incredibly talented performers who definitely have more success ahead of them. “It adds to the sense of community we have and is also very inspiring to see my peers showcase their talents on such a large stage,” said Bianca Ortega, FCLC ’25, a committee member. Arantza Rebollar, FCLC ’25, another committee member, shared CAB’s main motivation for picking artists is based on their “good vibes and all-around positive energy.” 

When it came to the main act, the Peach Tree Rascals did a great job of continuing the positive atmosphere. CAB went through an extensive process to select this year’s main artist. Rebollar and Ortega explained how the committee reaches out to many artists over the summer who are both available and within budget. Once they selected five to six artists, the Lincoln Center students picked the artist via poll. The Peach Tree Rascals won the poll and gave a great performance. The band was excited to play and enjoyed interacting with the crowd. Even for someone who has never heard their music, they were fun to listen and sing along to.

Aside from just picking the artists, there is a lot more the committee does to ensure the success of the concert. Ortega noted that the committee worked for “several months planning basically every aspect of the concert.” During the event, there’s a job for just about everything from managing the concert itself to coat and bag check. Prior to the concert, Rebollar explained that there are committee members who coordinate volunteers, make flyers and t-shirts, run the social media and plan the artist release party. 

Nevertheless, it is clear that the Winterfest concert is well worth all of the hard work. Committee member Emma Ritchie, FCLC ’25, said that Winterfest, “is all about making a space where everyone can relax and just enjoy themselves. Music is something everyone can connect through, no matter the artist.” All the committee members agreed that the true purpose of Winterfest is to create a space where Fordham students can connect and have fun. This year’s concert was particularly important as it was not only the 10th annual Winterfest, but also a great way to rebuild a sense of community after the pandemic. 

It can be hard for students to take a break from their busy schedules, and jumping into the new semester has many challenges. One of the Winterfest Committee goals was to create an event to celebrate Fordham students’ hard work as well as give them a moment to relax. This goal was accomplished as the auditorium was filled with students enjoying the music. The Peach Tree Rascals and the openers were great performers, and the audience was filled with positive vibes. Overall, Winterfest was a great experience for all those who were a part of it.