USG Discusses Public’s Concerns on Campus and Special Elections


On Thursday, Feb. 2, the Fordham Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) met to discuss the public’s concerns on campus and special elections. (Courtesy of Facebook)

On Thursday, Feb. 2, the Fordham Rose Hill United Student Government (USG) met to discuss the public’s concerns on campus and special elections.

Vice President of International Integration Luisa Rosa, FCRH ’24, brought up a public concern regarding international students not being able to get on-campus jobs. She explained that multiple international students have gone to her, and asked how they could get an on-campus job due to a lack of involvement or help from the Office for Student Employment. According to Rosa, when the students went to ask for help in finding an on-campus job, they were told by the Office for Student Employment that they could not help them but that the Department of Public Safety was the only department that could hire international students. However, the Department of Public Safety does not need any more student-workers which has left many international students in need of jobs. Rosa also stated that international students are only allowed to work on-campus jobs their first year in the U.S., and they have been left with very limited options.

Executive President Santiago Vidal, FCRH ’24, explained that most international students are normally not allowed to work on-campus because those jobs are funded by the United States Federal Funds and, because they are not American citizens, they do not qualify for the jobs. With that being said, Vidal did say that the Office for Student Employment is currently working on having more international student positions available on-campus.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) representative stated that they are working on creating three new committees and, when asked about the RHA unionization, he said that they had no comment at this time.

During the special elections, Aidan Donahue, FCRH ’24, presented his campaign for Senator for the Class of 2024. Donahue stated that he wants to be a voice of reason and logic for the class of 2024 and to utilize his leadership skills. He also stated that he would like to create a proposal to ensure that the menu of the Marketplace and other dining areas are properly reflected on their websites and that the Ram Fit Center gets more plates and bars for working out. Donahue won the spot for Senator of the Class of 2024.

Carley Walker, FCRH ’24, presented the Red Bull Doodle Art Competition. She explained that this is a global competition made to empower a new generation of artists by inviting students’ minds to wander for creativity. Her presentation was approved.

The Walking Club presented their club proposal, stating that the purpose of the club is to get more students out into the Bronx and to help students stay active. The Walking Club was approved by the USG.