New Brand Shakes Up the Fordham Merch Scene


Over the past few weeks, Fordham students may have noticed an unfamiliar name on their feeds and in their follow requests. A new business called Fordham Swag first appeared on Instagram at the end of December with posts about their mission and official launch on Jan. 19.

Fordham Swag is a parody merchandise brand that primarily offers apparel but also sells miscellaneous decor and accessories, such as flags and tote bags. Currently, the products are separated into seven distinct collections, but as explained on their website, they will release new items every two to three weeks.

To quash any concerns about the ownership of these products, the Fordham Swag team has reiterated their right to create parody merchandise multiple times on both their Instagram account and their website. They have cited fair use laws and the definition of parody to defend their creations. Additionally, they continually deny any affiliation with Fordham University.

According to the team, whose members wish to remain anonymous, their love for laughter, as well as their entrepreneurial interests, motivated them to start the business. They also saw an opening for more options in the Fordham merchandise market. Based on the growing popularity of their Instagram account, many students align themselves with a desire for unique Fordham merchandise. “I think there definitely is a market for this new merch because of the old FU merch no longer being available,” said Piper Smith, FCRH ’25.

Some of their most popular products so far include their “PowerLift” and “Champ” collections, which are parodies of the Tesla and Champion logos, respectively. However, their “Man I Love Fordham” design is gaining particular attention. The slogan has been circulating on T-shirts since the fall, months before the launch of their collections. Attendees of any Fordham athletic event may notice a sea of the white or maroon shirts in the crowd. The Fordham Swag team wishes to get ahead of possible rumors about a rivalry between the brands. “We have agreed that ‘Man I Love Fordham’ has been a Fordham phrase for a long time. So, none of us can accept responsibility for [the] creation of the mark,” said the team.

Avid Fordham sports fan Max Spitza, GSB ’26, appreciates the unifying spirit of the design. “I think the ‘Man I Love Fordham’ merch is amazing, and the student body’s support of it connects students from all years together,” he said.

Based on their social media and website, this positive outlook intertwines with the Fordham Swag business model. Fordham Swag values sustainability and charity, in addition to providing new Fordham products. Their About page explains that they run on a made-to-order model and source “premium quality” products from around the world. Also, customers cannot return their orders. All of these steps reduce waste typically created by returns, low-quality garments and ordering items in bulk.

A portion of proceeds from purchases are donated to Feeding America, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating food insecurity across the nation. These more serious pursuits lie beneath a business full of lighthearted products.
With 2,000 Instagram followers in under three weeks of being in business, Fordham Swag is certainly catching the eye of the Fordham student body. With Fordham basketball season approaching, many students are looking for ways to express their school spirit. “[Fordham Swag merchandise] makes me want to wear and represent Fordham more,” said Julian Ogawa, FCRH ’25.