Office of Multicultural Affairs Hosts Black History Month Events


Fordham’s Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), is hosting a series of events throughout the month of February to celebrate the overlooked accomplishments of Black Americans. (Courtesy of Instagram)

With February marking the start of Black History Month, Fordham’s Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is hosting a series of events to celebrate the often overlooked accomplishments of Black Americans. The events, set to take place throughout the month of February at both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses, are generally focused on the arts, with several movie and painting events already planned.

Rashain Adams Jr., a graduate intern for OMA, stressed the importance of holding events to spark country-wide recognition for the previously overlooked accomplishments of Black Americans.

He said the events help “to bring history to the forefront and to make sure a lot of this history isn’t forgotten. As well as to celebrate the Black community for persevering through a lot. In a Fordham context, it is to educate and to make sure that this history isn’t forgotten or pushed down and to reteach.”

Events at the Lincoln Center campus kicked off with a poetry slam on Friday, Feb. 3. Adams said the event would highlight “a Black style of art.” Other events throughout the month of February include “Step Show Lessons,” hosted on Feb. 10 and “Black Love Tabling,” on Feb. 14. Regarding the “Black Love Tabling” event, Adams said, “[OMA] will be tabling about Black love but also love in general. There will be a key focal point on love, appreciation, thankfulness and gratitude.” The final Lincoln Center event of the month, “The Melanin Expo” on Feb. 23, will celebrate Black-owned businesses.

At Rose Hill, an art night occurred on Feb. 6 and a movie night will be hosted on Feb. 13. Another event includes a game night, occurring on Feb. 21, that involves a partnership with multiple Rose Hill clubs.

The month of events at the Rose Hill campus will culminate with the “Love Your Hair Expo” on Thursday, Feb. 23. The event will host multiple hair-care vendors.
“It is going to be a big event with a lot of Black hair care products and hair care products in general. It is about appreciating your hair as it comes,” said Adams.
Adams also highlighted the two events that he feels will be the most impactful for the Fordham community.

“The ‘Melanin Expo’ and the ‘Love Your Hair Expo’ will probably be the key events for us. For scale, there are going to be a lot of free giveaway items as well as items that you are going to be able to purchase from vendors,” he said.
Adams said that OMA hopes to educate Fordham students through the hosting of such events.

“There is often a lot of Black history that is forgotten or just not taught to students. In a college setting, these events educate as well as create a sense of belonging for other students on campus, specifically for Black students to see themselves represented through these events.”

More information regarding the times and dates for each event can be found on Instagram @fordhamoma.