A Romantic Reading List for Valentine’s Day


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with inspiration from a good book. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Every year, Valentine’s Day brings love to the forefront of most peoples’ minds. Some spend the day with their significant others, while others use it as an excuse to wear more pink than usual. Here are a few romance book recommendations for anyone who wants some date ideas, or just a great new read. 

First is a book with a great date idea. “Hook, Line, and Sinker” by Tessa Bailey is the second book in the Bellinger Sisters series. 

Hannah Bellinger and Fox Thornton become unlikely partners when Hannah wants help romancing her coworker and Fox offers to help. When lines blur between friends or something more, Hannah doesn’t know how to respond, as Fox has a reputation as the town flirt. In true Valentine’s spirit, Fox takes Hannah on a date to a record convention to convince her that he only has eyes for her. Hannah’s life is centered around music, making Fox’s idea perfectly catered to her character. 

However, it’s something great for any music lover, so I chose Bailey’s book as an example of a great date.

“In a New York Minute” by Kate Spencer centers around a subway meet-cute, which is why it’s fantastic. 

To make a bad day worse, the subway doors close on Franny Doyle’s favorite dress, ripping it for countless strangers to see. A mystery man saves the day by giving her his suit jacket. To Franny’s disbelief, he immediately gets off the subway train, leaving her with only his surprisingly expensive jacket. Franny thinks that’s the last she’ll see of her subway savior, but she keeps running into Hayes Montgomery III. To make matters worse, the video of their meet-cute gets posted online and goes viral. Franny and Hayes end up falling for each other, making their subway meeting even more memorable and my pick for the best meet-cute. 

Lastly, “Better Than The Movies,” is a perfect book for rom-com movie lovers. Lynn Painter wrote her book for those obsessed with Nora Ephron’s films. 

The two main characters, Liz Buxbaum and Wes Bennett, have been neighbors their whole lives. Liz and her mom would watch rom-com after rom-com, and she imagined her life would turn out the same as all the happily-ever-afters she saw on screen. When a boy from her childhood, Michael, moves back into town, Liz thinks she’s found the answer to her lackluster love life. The only problem is that her childhood nemesis Wes has taken Michael under his wing. When Wes offers to help get Michael to fall for her, Liz discovers she might like his company more than she ever thought possible. 

Painter’s novel has the feeling of a classic ’90s rom-com. It also has many movie references, making it perfect for anyone reveling in the Valentine’s Day spirit. 

Hopefully, these books sound romantic enough to be added to your TBR list. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy reading!