“Good Riddance” to Toxic Relationships and Inauthentic Music


Abrams’s debut studio album is a testament to her musical authenticity. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Gracie Abrams’s debut studio album,“Good Riddance,” came out Feb. 24 and is a testament to her exceptional talent. The album follows the release of Abram’s two successful EPs, 2020’s “Minor” and 2021’s “This is What it Feels Like.” On her first official album, Abrams is more honest and vulnerable in her lyricism than ever before. Overall, the production as a whole is truly unmatched. 

The album features 12 tracks, each one showcasing Abrams’ unique vocal style and honest songwriting ability. The album dives into topics such as heartbreak, anxiety, confusion and love. There’s truly a song for every mood and listeners are bound to relate to the work. 

Songs like “Best,” “I know it wont work,” “Will you cry” and “Where do we go now,” describe Abrams’ feelings as she realizes her relationship isn’t working and feels guilty about leaving. In other heartbreak songs on the album including “h,” Abrams sings about missing her ex and who she was with when they were together. The album delves into other topics and in “Difficult,” “Amelie,” “Fault line” and “Right now,” the topics revolve around personal growth, anxieties and feeling lost. “The blue” stands out as the only love song on the album, however the intense and vulnerable lyricism is still present and contains some of the most heart wrenching lyrics on the album like, “I wonder if you know / if you can tell I’m losing / I’m going down without a fight.” 

The production on this album is different from her previous work, which had a cozier and softer tone. In “Good Riddance,” Abrams experiments with different sounds and melodies, some of which are more upbeat and pop focused, whereas others follow the softer indie sound that she once stuck to. In this album, they have developed in more elevated , interesting, and creative ways than in the past.

The album contains no features and is a solo project for Abrams as she details honest details about her life the past few years. She worked on the album with producer Aaron Dessner, who is a part of the music groups The National and Big Red Machine. The duo’s compatibility is obvious on this album, as the melodies and production are soft and beautiful which really let the lyrics shine. Dessner has also worked with Taylor Swift, who has spoken highly of Abrams. Abrams will also be opening at many of Swift’s upcoming shows for her Eras Tour. 

Some songs that stood out to me when I listened were “Right Now,” “Full Machine” and “I Should Hate You.” Since I discovered Abrams’ music, I have always been able to relate to her lyrics and at times even felt like she was writing to me, personally. Many of her fans feel the same way and this album is no exception. So far, this is my favorite piece of work from Abrams, and I am so excited to see all that will come along. 

What sets Abrams apart from other contemporary musical artists is her ability to connect with her listeners on a personal and emotional level. Her songs are honest and vulnerable, and she isn’t afraid to tackle various difficult subjects that many can relate to. “Good Riddance” is a testament to her authenticity and raw talent.