Snow Days Force Cancellation of Reading Days


After the cancellation of classes and a shutdown of many on campus services, there was less snow than expected.

By Kelly Kultys

For Fordham students, the two days leading up to exams are usually spent preparing for tests, finishing last minute papers or just hanging out after classes end. This year, however, due to the large amount of snow days, there will be no reading days, according to the Provost’s office.

Snow days have cancelled the previously scheduled reading days.  (Julian Wong/The Ram)
Snow days have cancelled the previously scheduled reading days. (Julian Wong/The Ram)

The adjusted schedule reads as follows:

Friday May 2nd will be a Wednesday schedule.

Monday May 5th will be a Monday schedule.

Tuesday May 6th will be a Thursday schedule.

Exams will begin on Wednesday May 7th.

Since some exams were slated to begin on May 6th, the university has dispersed the tests scheduled for that day throughout the revised exam week. This means “on some days during exam period, there will be three exams scheduled,” according to an university email.

However, the Provost’s office stated in the email: “Students who end up having three exams on one day will be able to reschedule one to a separate day.”

Also, students taking Accounting and Modern Language exams scheduled for Tuesday May 6th, have their exams moved to Saturday May 10th. The university once again says they can help reschedule if needed.

The email cited the Provost’s goal to alter the schedule as little as possible, so though “losing the reading days is unfortunate…the Office of the Provost and the deans determined this to be the best possible solution, minimizing disruption and hardship for the greatest number of students while ensuring that lost class time could be reinstated without extending the exam period or shortening holiday breaks.”

This schedule only pertains to undergraduates in Fordham College Rose Hill, Fordham College Lincoln Center and the Gabelli School of Business. The University says the updated exam schedule should be posted on the website soon.

More information to be added later. 

Kelly Kultys is the editor-in-chief of The Fordham Ram. You can follow her on Twitter @kellykultys.