Fordham Lifts Vaccine Requirement on All Campuses


President Tania Tetlow sent an email to the Fordham community on March 20 announcing that the university will lift COVID-19 vaccination requirements. (Courtesy of Twitter)

President Tania Tetlow sent an email to the Fordham community on March 20 announcing that the university will lift COVID-19 vaccination requirements for members of the Fordham community and visitors to campus starting on May 15, 2023. Despite the changes to the policy, the university will continue to distribute the vaccination on campus.

In the email, Tetlow wrote:

“Vaccinations and boosters will continue to be strongly recommended because they remain very effective in protecting each of us individually from serious illness and death. Vaccines will no longer be required, however, because new variants increasingly have evaded the vaccine’s initially strong ability to prevent transmission of the disease. What was once a critical way to protect the most vulnerable in our community has become more of an individual choice about safety, one we urge you to take seriously.”

However, the university reserves the right to revisit the policy and its decision if the state of the COVID-19 virus changes.

“Long before the fall semester begins, we will take a look at all other policies in consultation with the data and our community, and will announce any changes with plenty of notice. Until then, all classroom and other policies remain in effect.”

May 15 also marks the end of the university’’s usage of VitalCheck to check vaccination status and to report COVID-19 cases. The university has used the system since the fall 2020 semester.

The announcement has been met with conflicting opinions from the Fordham community.

“I think we are where we are because of the vaccine mandate, we are in a good place because of it. That should tell us to continue on this path instead of deviating. Also, why would the university revoke a policy that is not costing them anything and only keeping people safe,” said Claire Bickel, FCRH ’24.
Others think lifting the vaccine requirement is the right direction for the university.

“I am glad to hear that Fordham is following in-suit with neighboring universities in NYC […] by removing their vaccine mandate to follow these other vaccine mandate-free schools. I think this is best for our school as people who were once previously barred from campus due to their lack of vaccine, could now re-join us back in our community.”

He added that “hopefully we could put the pandemic, and the restrictions […] that followed, behind us, and look forward to more prosperous times as Rams!” said Zachary Visconti, GSB ’25.