Rams Roaming Around the World


In London, one can visit many cultural sites, including Ted Lasso’s set. (Courtesy of Lillian Verdi for The Fordham Ram)

Lillian Verdi

I enjoyed five days in London with my parents for spring break. After catching up on sleep, our first stop was Buckingham Palace. Along the way, we ate fish and chips at Davy’s Wine Bar and stopped at London’s oldest bookstore, Hatchard’s. The guards and statues made for wonderful photos. We headed to Big Ben and Westminster Abbey and stopped in Trafalgar Square, where we observed teachers and National Health Service employees on strike. Tuesday, we traveled to Camden on the Tube (London’s subway) since the railway workers would be on strike the rest of the workweek. Tents filled the Market, selling everything from brightly colored jackets to various soccer jerseys. We had Indian food by the river from one of the many street vendors. 

Wednesday was my favorite day. My parents and I walked two miles to the Tower Bridge on a path along the Thames River. From the top, we apprehensively peered through the glass floor. That night we enjoyed a Guinness at a local pub, a London pastime. 

We spent our last day meandering through Windsor Castle, marveling at the royal family’s ornate collection of art and artifacts. Afterward, we drove to Richmond to see the set of Apple TV’s “Ted Lasso,” as we are big fans. We walked down the street where Ted lives and got lunch at the pub where many scenes were filmed. 

Friday, we hopped on a plane back to NYC with many souvenirs in tow. To make a great trip even better, I sat next to a kind older man who could be the doppelganger of Carl from “Up!” 


Claire Krieger

For my spring break, I went to Cancun, Mexico with a group of friends. It was one of the best vacations I have ever been on and was a much-needed break. Our flight was delayed three hours and got there significantly later than expected. However, we wasted no time and started off strong with karaoke on the first night. Everyday was sunny and the perfect weather to swim in the ocean without getting cold. It was the bluest beach I have ever been on and spent the majority of my time there in the water. We were also delighted at the plethora of lizards and iguanas that were found everywhere around the hotel. A highlight from the trip was on the last day, we ventured off the resort territory into town and found Surfing Burrito, a restuarant. We found out that Guy Fieri had actually been there, so naturally we had to have lunch. They were by far the best tacos I have ever had in my life. The trip was spent on the beach, either lounging around tanning, swimming or making friends with other random spring breakers. Even though we returned with some intense sunburns, it was worth it for the memories made in Cancun!


Jamison Rodgers

I traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for spring break. My friends and I touched down in the sunshine paradise on the Baja California Sur peninsula to escape the frozen tundra of New York and absorb some much needed vitamin D. We got some much needed R&R after midterm season on the beach, by the pool, and cruising for the morning on the Pacific Ocean. With crystal clear and refreshing water washing ashore in the tropical paradise it is the perfect destination for swimmers and snorkelers alike. Cabo is the perfect spot for a spring break destination with activities such as jet skiing, whale watching, snorkeling and zip lining adventure courses. For fans of tacos, this is a food haven for you. I had some of the best shrimp tacos of my life in Cabo, and for those looking for an affordable option, there are several late night, cheap eat taco stands around the city. If you plan on taking this trip for a future spring break, you can look forward to making new friends from the west coast and Texas who are also on their college spring break. Being back in the icy cold of New York is making me miss the sunshine and sea air of Cabo. 


Kari White

In order to visit our roommate studying abroad in Rome, my friends and I spent spring break in Lisbon, Portugal. After a delayed flight and 12 hours too many in the Azores, we made it to our Airbnb in the heart of Lisbon. We spent the week climbing the many hills of the city, visiting flea markets, castles and a myriad of little bakeries that each sold Portugal’s signature pastry, pastel de nata. On Wednesday, we took a day trip to the Cascais, a city famous for its beaches. On Thursday, a few of us ventured into the town of Sintra. Famous for its castles, manors and being a UNESCO World Heritage site, the town had so much to do. We visited Pena Palace, which was first renovated from a monastery into a palace in the 18th century. From its terraces, we could see the next stop on our visit: the ninth century Moorish ruins that crowned the neighboring hilltop. It was fascinating to explore the history of this region, as it is the second oldest city in the world and has been dominated by such different cultures. While my bank account’s a bit sore, this was a trip I will always remember.