Do It For the Bit, If Only For Yourself


This Saturday, I made the decision to go see “Cocaine Bear” with a group of friends. That was indisputably the greatest decision of my life, and the essence of who I am as a person has been forever altered — but that’s for a different article. I’m not sure what I expected going in. All I know is when your sports editor Maddie Bimonte says “Let’s go see ‘Cocaine Bear,’” the only acceptable response is to drop any previous plans and go see that movie. It’s all part of a frame of mind I like to call “doing it for the bit.” 

The goal here is to do things where the simple concept of doing them is funny. The best part about the “bit” is that it only has to make you laugh. If the idea of saying “I watched ‘Cocaine Bear’” out loud is enough to make you cackle hysterically — go ahead and do it. It’s not about whether or not the bit is funny generally. It’s about whether or not the bit is funny to you. 

Much too often, we avoid doing things because they’re a little bizarre. Is watching “Over the Hedge” on a Saturday night a little unconventional? Sure. Is it funny? I think so. “Over the Hedge” might be a poor example because it’s one of the better movies ever created, so let’s take it somewhere else. Is watching “Samurai Cop,” a movie so bad Rotten Tomatoes didn’t even bother giving it a score, a valuable and meaningful way to spend an hour and a half of the life you only get once? Absolutely not. Is it funny to say that you did? Yes. 

I like to think that if you do something that makes you laugh, it’s very much worth doing. Even if that thing is stupid. Actually, especially if that thing is stupid. Why go through life being serious when you can be silly and goofy and maybe even jolly on occasion? 

It’s a fantastic, ego-boosting feeling to make other people laugh, but it’s even more important to be able to make yourself laugh. There’s an aspect of this that I really do think is very helpful in your everyday life: finding the humor in any situation. Life sucks a lot sometimes. There are a variety of ways to deal with the lows of life, but I’ve found humor to be the most productive. If you can find something to laugh about, even the most minute thing, in an otherwise very awful situation, that just might be what reminds you that it can get better and that it’s going to get better. 

The great part about the bit is that the bit can be anything. Therefore, you can theoretically “do it for the bit” in any situation. You have full control over what the bit is, and what constitutes doing it for the bit. I, for instance, have yet to complete an entire unit of Ecology homework. This unit has many names but is most commonly referred to as “Unit 1,” meaning that said homework is potentially late by multiple months at this point. One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, I’m going to sit down and do my Ecology homework for the bit. When you think about the power and freedom that you possess with that mindset, it’s really quite exhilarating. 

Doing it for the bit can bring about unexpected yet wonderful circumstances. Let’s circle back to “Cocaine Bear,” shall we? Alright, so a bear eats cocaine. Awesome, I’m in. I don’t need to know anything more about this movie. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t. All I knew going in was that this was: A) Ray Liotta’s last film, and B) a movie about a bear that eats cocaine. I knew nothing else, and I didn’t need to. I was sold on the premise, and I was sold on going for the bit. Then I watched the movie, and I discovered a couple things. First things first, boy did that bear eat some cocaine. Like a lot of cocaine. Copious amounts. I also discovered that “Cocaine Bear” is actually a legitimately great movie with endearing characters, good acting and an engaging plot that weaves multiple story arcs together and makes it all feel whole by the end. It’s one of the most entertaining experiences I’ve had in a movie theater in years, and it happened all because I went to see this movie for the bit. 

In closing, if you think something is funny, do it. Chances are it’ll be more rewarding than you ever could have imagined. Do it for the bit. Also, go see “Cocaine Bear.” That movie rocks.