USG Discusses Public Concerns and New Proposals


The Fordham Rose Hill Student Government (USG) discussed public concern regarding the Walsh Library’s closing hours. (Courtesy of Twitter).

On Thursday, April 13, the Fordham Rose Hill Student Government (USG) met to discuss public concerns and the proposal to expand opportunities for Middle Eastern and North African students, known as the MENA proposal.

Senator Maya Dominguez, FCRH ’23, brought up the public concern about Walsh Library closing hours. She explained that she has heard many complaints that the library has been closing much sooner than it is supposed to be. Online it says that the library closes at 12 a.m. but students have complained that it has recently been closing at around 9 p.m.

Executive President Santiago Vidal, FCRH ’24, said that he will reach out to Public Safety or Facilities to figure out why this has been happening. He also explained that he thinks the issue might be that there are not enough security guards to work the night shift so they have had to close early, but he will still try to confirm what the issue is.

Vice President of Finance and Budget Eron Maltzman, GSB ’25, presented a budget request to purchase food for the Budget Committee’s Easy Cuts Day and Budget Day. He said that the Budget Committee really does not use their budget very much, and he wants to treat his committee members.

Next on the agenda, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Brianna Al-Omoush, FCRH ’24, and Senator Lucas Hjertberg, FCRH ’26, presented the MENA proposal. Hjertberg said that they are trying to reach out to Representative Richie Torres about why the MENA community is not considered an ethnic minority when it seems like they should be. He explained that the overall purpose of this proposal is to expand opportunities for Middle Eastern and North African students and to have their voices be heard on campus. They are hoping that with this proposal, Fordham can increase scholarship opportunities for MENA students and have events that embrace MENA culture.

Audience member Deborah Adebanjo, FCRH ’26, added that she has heard complaints from many of her Muslim friends that Easter is recognized by Fordham and students are given time off to celebrate it, but Eid, a very important holiday in Islam, is not really celebrated at all. Hjertberg explained that that is something that they are hoping to address and fix with this proposal.

Senator Keegan Roeder, FCRH ’23, stated that he has been working on a proposal to have Spanish campus tours to accommodate some of the international families, and it is finally ready to be put on the USG agenda and revised.

Vice President of Fordham College Rose Hill Emma Balint, FCRH ’24, explained that she has heard many complaints from students who have been trying to register for study abroad classes. She said that there is nothing that she could do about that now but she is hoping to have this fixed for the future.
Hjertberg was named as the March Senator of the Month. Fordham Backstage was named March Club of the Month.