Swift’s “evermore” Shines as Her Most Underrated Album


Taylor Swift’s ninth studio album, “evermore,” is filled with beautiful lyricism that explores grief and closure. (Courtesy of Twitter)

“evermore” is Taylor Swift’s ninth studio album, released in December 2020. Fans often affectionately refer to it as the “forgotten sister” to her preceding and Grammy-winning album “folklore,” which was released only five months before. The two albums were written and released as Swift was isolating because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and both were surprise drops. The albums’ folk-indie sound, combined with her intelligent and thought-provoking lyricism, has been regarded by fans and the general public as some of Swift’s best work. However, most of the general praise has gone to “folklore,” while in my opinion, “evermore” is the most complex, compelling and best piece of work that Swift has ever put out. 

Swift’s music creates comfort for millions of people, and no album does that as much as “evermore.” The record explores contrasting and heavy emotions such as loss, heartbreak, grief and envy, yet also joy, revenge and closure. Within its deluxe edition’s 17 tracks, it experiments with different genres like folk, pop, alternative and rock, so there’s really something for everyone. On top of the experimental sound, lyrically, “evermore” is Swift’s best work. Who else is going to write, “Now you hang from my lips, like the gardens of Babylon,” which is a lyric from the album’s 11th track, “cowboy like me.” In “evermore,” Swift is able to tell deep and relatable stories in her writing, while portraying them with beautiful Shakespearean lyricism. Every song contains lyrics that forces you to go back and listen again, as well as appreciate the metaphors and intricacy of the stories each of the songs tell. 

“evermore” is a no-skip album, as most of Swift’s are, but it also happens to be my personal favorite. My favorite songs (to name just a few as it’s ever changing) are “it’s time to go,” “coney island” and the title track “evermore.” Listening to “evermore” has helped me get through so much, and there’s a song fit for every emotion. From feeling overwhelmed, heartbroken and grief-stricken to finding happiness and joy, the album has been there to articulate my feelings when I didn’t quite know how to. 

In the 2020 announcement of the album Swift wrote, “I loved the escapism I found in these imaginary/not imaginary tales. I loved the ways you welcomed the dreamscapes and tragedies and epic tales of love lost and found into your lives. So I just kept writing them.” Now, as she’s embarking on the “Eras Tour,” Swift is able to perform her hits from “evermore,” along with the rest of her discography. In the “evermore” portion of the tour, Swift wears a beautiful flowy gown, and the stage is lit up in a glowy woodsy atmosphere. She has performed songs from the album including “tolerate it,” which is a harrowing song about an unbalanced relationship; “marjorie,” an ode to her grandmother, who has passed on; and “tis the damn season,” a song about briefly reconnecting with an old love. The live shows bring the thematic and sonic range of this album to light. Seeing the album brought to life on tour has only proved to me over again why it is my favorite. No matter the time or place, “evermore” will always be a special and important album.