USG Discusses Public Proposals and New Business


On Thursday, April 27, the Fordham Rose Hill Student Government (USG) met to discuss club presentations and upcoming proposals. (Courtesy of Instagram)

On Thursday, April 20, the Fordham Rose Hill Student Government (USG) met to discuss club proposals and new business.

The Men’s Mental Health Union presented their proposal to be named an official club. Its founders said that during their freshman year, they were able to find a close group of friends that they could share their issues with, and they want to help provide other students on campus with that same opportunity. They also stated that some students may have a difficult time expressing their emotions, so it might help to have a constant group of people that they could talk to. As the college years go on, they explained, students have less time to socialize, so the original sense of community that they feel can start to dissipate. They are hoping that this club can help counter that feeling. Additionally, they want the club to promote men’s mental health and emotional and physical wellness. The club meetings would consist of movie nights, outdoor activities and discussions that promote mental well being.

Senator Lucas Hjertberg, FCRH ’26, asked what is the value in gendering the club. The club founders responded by saying that anyone can join the club, if they feel inclined to, but that they specified it to men’s mental health and wellness because that is what they are experienced with. Senator Andy Diaz, FCRH ’25, said that he felt like the club was “a friend group asking for funding.” The presenters explained that that is not the case at all, however, they do feel that team building activities, such as playing sports, would help the club members build trust and be able to talk to each other more freely about their issues or worries.

The Badminton Club presented their club proposal next. The club founders explained that badminton and physical activity are great ways to relieve stress and the club would be a great opportunity for students to build a community. Their meetings would include an introduction to badminton class, a badminton de-stress event and a badminton tournament.

The last club to present was the Citizens Climate Lobby Fordham (CCL). The student presenting the club explained that CCL is an established nonprofit organization that they would be working with so they would be able to collaborate with other universities for events. The purpose of this club would be to provide students with meetings and efforts to lobby for policies that address climate change.
The student said that she also hopes that this club would encourage students to create change beyond the Fordham campus, and CCL also has many internships and fellowships available for students. Some event ideas are film screenings, speaker presentations and attending conferences.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) delegate announced again that the Rose Ball is April 19 from 9 p.m.-12 a.m. He also asked for the student government’s help in advertising the event.
Executive President Santiago Vidal, FCRH ’24, announced that the March Club of the Month is Fordham Backstage.

Senator Keegan Roeder, FCRH ’23, and Senator Maria Narvaez, GSB ’24, presented their proposal for Spanish-speaking campus tours.

They explained that the purpose of campus tours is to help prospective students and their parents decide what university to go to so, to make it more inclusive, there should be Spanish-speaking tours as well.
They also clarified that Spanish-speaking tours are currently offered. However, they are not advertised so many families do not know about the option. They explained that it’s a matter of expanding accessibility and of showing that they welcome students of all backgrounds.