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    Elmer BrunsmanMar 12, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    This is very well done. The writer has “savor faire” for journalistic writing. Using the aphorism inscribed on the CIA building to frame the message and work of former analyst Ray McGovern adroitly juxtaposes in the lead the irony involved here and best represents the interview in a way that engages the reader at the outset.

    This should have been run as two articles. There’s the report on the panel that happened hours before publication and the interview with the Fordham graduate on the panel, Ray McGovern. Since the panel was the night before the edition it would be the lead and the interview a prominently placed “side bar.”
    In that sense the lead is buried on the news story—-There are a lot of newsworthy points that were made by the panel taking place the very day Senator Feinstein led the national news with her accusation regarding the CIA spying on the senate computers.
    I’ve only seen this on line so do not now how it was placed in the paper, was surprised to see it so far down the menu of the on line edition and look forward to seeing the print edition. That feature that appears later on the website, the actual layout, is extremely effective. I’ve been trying to get my local daily to emulate the Fordham RAM. Newspapers on line as they are now done do not focus the readers attention on what’s in the edition as the newspaper print lay out format does. That’s one way the “old school” is superior and it can be incorporated into the current delivery system effectively as the RAM is doing.
    Thank you for that and this coverage of an outstanding alumnus role model.

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