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Netflix and AMC Theaters implement controversial payment structures. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Netflix and AMC’s New Decisions Cost Consumers

Nora Leach, Contributing Writer February 22, 2023
Netflix has been overshadowed in the sphere of streaming platforms and theater chains have been struggling since the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in AMC Theaters' new tiered pricing system and Netflix's strenuous efforts to combat password sharing, upsetting movie fans.
Highbridge includes “Joker Stairs,” featured in 2019’s “Joker.” (Courtesy of Caleb Stine for The Fordham Ram)

Highbridge: The Heart and Soul of The South Bronx

Caleb Stine, Columnist February 22, 2023
Being home to Yankee Stadium is far from the most interesting thing about Highbridge, a South Bronx neighborhood. It's also a place rich with Dominican culture and home to a plethora of 21st-century entertainment figures, a town buzzing with determination and life up and down Jerome Ave.
“South Park,” running for 26 years, is known for its vulgar comedy. (Courtesy of Instagram)

How “South Park” Challenges the Sacred

Maddie Bimonte, Sports Editor February 22, 2023
On the surface level, "South Park" is a vulgar adult animated comedy series. But, if you really listen to what this inappropriate group of 10-year-olds are saying, you may realize they're discussing topics that few other shows skim, while simultaneously giving its viewers things to laugh about.
Netflix’s “You” has returned with a strong fourth season that leaves viewers excited for what’s to come. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Netflix’s Latest Season of “You” Starts Off Strong

Melissa Ng, Contributing Writer February 22, 2023
The popular whodunit trope haunts Joe Goldberg of "You," as the first part of the fourth season begins with a murder that isn't its protagonist's doing. This storyline is uncharted territory for the series, giving long-time viewers something more interesting to grab onto.
Risotto is a dish that will impress without an extensive grocery list. (Courtesy of Kari White/The Fordham Ram)

Impress with this Low-Stress Risotto Recipe

Kari White, Culture Editor February 22, 2023
While college food tends to imply a quickness and ease, sometimes it's enjoyable to spend time crafting a meal as a gift to the people you love. A parmesan risotto is the perfect mix of deliciousness and maturity, sure to impress any and all of the special people in your life.
Rihanna returned to the stage after a seven-year hiatus from music. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Rihanna “Rihturns” at the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

Nicole DiPietro, Contributing Writer February 22, 2023
Rihanna's long awaited halftime show included a posse of backup dancers, a well-mixed medley and a surprise pregnancy reveal with baby number two. While Rihanna's performance will not be held up as one of the best Super Bowl halftime show by any means, the show was just entertaining enough to satiate fans' need for music endeavors from the star.
Hinck, left, having a picnic with her friends on a Washington beach. (Courtesy of Anna Hinck/The Fordham Ram)

Sophomore Shares Passion for Rowing and Climate Change

Hannah Boring, Copy Chief February 22, 2023
The outdoors and sports are two things that define Anna Hinck, FCRH ’25. The consideration those around her have for the environment and her love of having a team behind her put them at the top of Hinck's long list of passions.
Rowling’s transphobic rhetoric throws her works’ legacy into question. (Courtesy of Instagram)

J.K. Trolling and Hogwarts’ Controversial Legacy

Allison Schneider, Contributing Writer February 22, 2023
"Hogwarts Legacy" is the newest installation in the Harry Potter franchise, a video game allowing players to experience Hogwarts a century before the books take place. However, many are not comfortable supporting the game due to transphobic comments made by J.K. Rowling, despite bare-minimum attempts at inclusivity in the game.
Some Fordham students celebrated platonic love at a Sunday brunch; others celebrated over football. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Celebrating Platonic Love on Galentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays people either love or hate---find out where these Culture writers stand!
PinkPantheress brought on Ice Spice, a Bronx native, for her sequel to her hit song, “Boy’s a liar.” (Courtesy of Twitter)

We’re Not Lying, “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” Is a Hit

Amélie Acevedo, Contributing Writer February 15, 2023
Ice Spice has taken the music world by storm, and people are not lying when they say "Boys a Liar Part 2" is testament to her popularity.
While “Emily in Paris” does not accurately represent Parisienne cultures nuances, it does offer a beautiful entry way for those hoping to see Paris. (Courtesy of Twitter)

What “Emily in Paris” Gets Right About Paris

Grace Miller, Advertising Director February 15, 2023
The long-awaited debut of "Emily in Paris" season three not only pleased in terms of plot, but with accuracy to Parisian culture.
For the first time in 30 years, Virginia Woolf’s work is on display through the New York Public Library. (Courtesy of Nicole Braun for The Fordham Ram)

An Exhibit of One’s Own: Woolf at the NYPL

Nicole Braun , Opinion Editor February 15, 2023
NYPL's exhibition of "Virginia Woolf: A Modern Mind" delves into one of the greatest creative minds of the twentieth century.
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