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The Greenmarket featured tons of fresh produce. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Columbia Greenmarket Takes Grocery Shopping To The Next Level

Maeve Hamill, Contributing Writer February 14, 2024
The Columbia Greenmarket, hosted every Sunday and Thursday outside Columbia University, is home to top-quality produce freshly sourced from farmers in the United States. From wild mushrooms to sourdough bread, the Columbia Greenmarket is perfect for some sustainable Sunday shopping.
Student band Code of Conduct is taking the Bronx by storm. (Courtesy of Instagram)

A Code of Conduct Everyone’s Going to Want to Listen To

Julia Chorun, Contributing Writer February 14, 2024
New band on campus, Code of Conduct, has rose to popularity rather quickly with their unique music style. A group of guys with a strong passion for music, Code of Conduct has big plans for their future and are working hard for their success.
Walker Scobell leads the next generation of demigods. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Rick Riordan Can Be Proud Of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”

Lillian Verdi, Contributing Writer February 14, 2024
After years of waiting, Percy Jackson fans may finally have a proper film adaptation of the beloved book series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians." From excellent casting to meticulously designed sets, this show seems to have brought out all the stops in creating Disney's newest success.
 Hannah Montana still shines. (Courtesy of Instagram)

The Best Nostalgic Disney Film is “Hannah Montana: The Movie”

Diana Juarez, Advertising Director February 14, 2024
Looking for an iconic 2000s movie for your next girl's night? "Hannah Montana: The Movie" is the perfect balance of nostalgia, 2000s style and fun music. A combination like that is, to put it simply, the best of both worlds.
Granada is full of charm and opportunity. (Courtesy of Lusa Holmstrom for The Fordham Ram)

Reverting to Visual Learning Abroad

Lusa Holmstrom, Contributing Writer February 14, 2024
Lusa Holmstrom, FCRH '25, continues her journey through Granada, Spain, this time focusing on how the little things around her have helped her learn more about the culture. From pomegranates to graffiti, Holmstrom shares all the unique moments of her time abroad.
The new facade featured statues that brightened the entrance. (Courtesy of Mary Hawthorn for The Fordham Ram)

The MET’s New Facade Unveiled

Clare Hannon, Contributing Writer February 14, 2024
Taking inspiration of the relics of art from Ancient Greece and Rome, artist Nairy Baghramian has constructed beautiful abstract pieces to grace the the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Facade exhibition. Bagramian's designs truly cultivate a feeling of wonder and create an inviting atmosphere around the museum.
Senior Haley Gregoire expressed her profound love of sports. (Courtesy Zachary Badalamenti for The Fordham Ram)

Senior Turns Passion For Sports Into Career

Zachary Badalamenti, Assistant Opinion Editor February 14, 2024
Haley Gregoire, FCRH '24, demonstrates that hard work and passion are the keys to success. With a strong love for football stemming from childhood, Gregoire has aimed for a career in sports broadcasting and served as an intern for Sirius XM Radio.
The novel transports readers to Russia through its craftful writing. (Courtesy of Instagram)

A Trip to Old Moscow for Only $15.99

Lusa Holmstrom, Contributing Writer February 14, 2024
Lusa Holmstrom, FCRH '25, shares her love for the novel "A Gentleman in Moscow" and details the unique aspects that make this story worth a read (or several reads). "A Gentleman in Moscow" is captivating, well-crafted and keeps readers excited for the next chapter.
Taylor Swift lifted a fourth Album of The Year award at the Grammys. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Glamor, Girl Power and the Grammys!

Mary Hawthorn, Photo Editor February 14, 2024
At the tail-end of all of 2024's awards shows, the Grammys highlighted some of the best music within the past year. 2023 was certainly the year of girl power, as the best female artists in the industry stole the show.
Answer to GGs Crossword Issue 4

Answer to GG’s Crossword Issue 4

Grace Galbreath, Assistant News Editor Emeritus February 14, 2024

UMG removes popular songs from TikTok after contract comes to an end. (Courtesy of Instagram)

UMG Silences TikTok

Sarah Urbano, Digital Producer February 14, 2024
After the end of their contract with the popular social media app TikTok, Universal Music Group (UMG) pulled their music from the platform. Now, users are faced with the struggle of finding new sounds for their content, and new artists are grappling with finding new ways to promote their music.
Billy Joel perfoming his new single Turn The Lights Back On. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Turn The Lights Back On, Billy Joel!

Alexander Hom, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
After three decades of retirement, Billy Joel makes the comeback of a lifetime with his new single "Turn The Lights Back On." After a career of extreme success, Joel fans celebrate this new release full of joy and nostalgia.
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