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The eclipse caught the eyes of New Yorkers everywhere, from Eddies here in the Bronx to Queens. (Courtesy of Alexander Hom from The Fordham Ram)

The Best Eclipse View in New York State

Alexander Hom, Staff Writer April 17, 2024
Last Monday, a new phenomenon occurred for New Yorkers and the rest of the world. Preparations such as the purchasing of solar eclipse glasses and posting memes and skits on TikTok were made as the eclipse made its way across the continent. Total eclipses for New York are quite a rarity, and those who were lucky enough to see it surely got a sight to remember.
Holmstrom examines peoples relationships with their phones. (Courtesy of Mary Hawthorn for The Fordham Ram)

Putting Your Phone Down in 2024

Lusa Holmstrom, Staff Writer April 10, 2024
Smartphone usage has gone from being popular to necessary as the years go on. Even though there may be no way to eliminate phone usage completely, it is possible that limiting phone usage is beneficial to the overall health and well-being of individuals. If you are one of the many Americans who are becoming increasingly concerned with technology dependence, take a look at the possible ways you can limit technology and improve your lifestyle.
Galbreath dives into all the guests she entertained abroad. (Courtesy of Grace Galbreath for The Fordham Ram)

How to be a Tour Guide

Grace Galbreath, Assistant News Editor Emeritus April 10, 2024
Grace Galbreath, FCRH '25, acknowledges one of the prime struggles of a student abroad: connecting with those back home. Despite the ongoing battle with a five-hour time difference, Galbreath expresses her excitement in coordinating several London visits with family and friends. Though, this brings up a second struggle for a student abroad: being a tour guide to said visitors.
Oven-roasted chicken and vegetables serves for a sustainable and delicious college meal. (Courtesy of Isabella Trocchia for The Fordham Ram)

Oven Roasted Chicken & Vegetables

Isabella Trocchia, Contributing Writer April 10, 2024
College students are notorious for struggling with sustainable meal planning. If you are a student who is no stranger to this stereotype, don't worry; Modern Meals has you covered! Check out this week's easy oven-roasted chicken recipe for a delicious and healthy meal.
Lenker smoothly lays out an indie sound in her newest album and supports the causes shes passionate about. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Adrianne Lenker’s “Bright Future” Lights Up the Indie Scene

Allison Schneider, Managing Editor April 10, 2024
Adrianne Lenker's new album, "Bright Future," is the perfect dose of intimate folk music for this spring. With a more unique take on music, Lenker's songs highlight raw vocals with reduced editing. This new release has brought a breath of fresh air to the indie scene.
GGs Crossword Answers Issue 9

GG’s Crossword Answers Issue 9

Grace Galbreath, Assistant News Editor Emeritus April 10, 2024

Frumento dives into why she believes New Jersey bagels are superior to New Yorks. (Courtesy of Claire Krieger for The Fordham Ram)

Why New Jersey is the Bagel Capital

Libby Frumento, Contributing Writer April 10, 2024
New York and New Jersey have an age-old feud spanning many different topics. Though debates between the two states may never end, it appears that when it comes to bagels, New Jersey has come out on top. It is no secret that New Yorkers like to boast about their traditional bagels, but it may be that where New Jersey lacks in reputation, it makes up for in superior bagels.
Stand By Me captures childhood nostalgia and the thrill of adventure with your friends. (Courtesy of Instagram)

“Stand By Me” Speaks to Generations

Isabella DeRosa, Assistant Culture Editor April 10, 2024
Some classics just can not be beat. "Stand By Me" is one of those movies that keeps bringing emotion to viewers after every watch. From young teens to adults, "Stand By Me" is the '80s classic that has something for everyone.
The downtown museum artistically pays tribute to the 1911 tragedy. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Women Are the Centerpiece on Eldridge Street

Onjali Gomez, Contributing Writer April 10, 2024
Artist Adrienne Ottenberg has created a beautiful masterpiece depicting 28 women as an ode to the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911. This exhibit serves to recognize the importance of women, specifically during the time that the art depicts. Ottenberg's art acknowledges the impact that the women of the past had on our present-day society.
Flocking to Eddies is the best way to celebrate the warmer weather. (Courtesy of Mary Hawthorn for The Fordham Ram)

Fordham Embraces The Warmth

Rachel Wanagosit, Contributing Writer April 10, 2024
Spring has sprung, and for Fordham University, this means sitting on Eddie's, taking walks through the Botanical Gardens, and occasionally walking to class without headphones to enjoy the sounds of birds chirping around you. As a school in New York City, Fordham gets to experience every season. But it may just be that spring is a favorite among students.
Zaino remains strong and focused despite pressure from content creation. (Courtesy of Katherine Zaino for The Fordham Ram)

Fordham First-Year Balances Education, Innovation and Content Creation

Julianna Morales, Features Editor April 10, 2024
Katherine Zaino, GSB '27, started her marketing career earlier than intended with her surprise success on social media. Since her rise to social media fame, Zaino has maintained an impressive balance between content creation, academic work and founding a new magazine highlighting the female experience. Zaino is truly a hard worker both in and outside the classroom.
Gerwigs Barbie is inspiring and will surely be ingrained in American culture for years to come. (Courtesy of Instagram)

“Barbie” Celebrates Girlhood

Mary Hawthorn, Photo Editor March 20, 2024
Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" is the success of the year. "Barbie" has inspired women everywhere and truly captures the meaning of girlhood and femininity. From humor to artistic quality and emotion, this film has it all.
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