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Shyamalan’s latest thriller is underwhelming, despite the convincing performance by Dave Bautista. (Courtesy of Twitter)

“Knock at the Cabin” is a Bland Thriller

Landis Hall, Contributing Writer February 15, 2023
With contrived arguments and cliché imagery, "Knock at the Cabin" is an ineffective bland thriller.
Satrohan realized his passion for songwriting during his freshman year. (Courtesy of Anthony Satrohan for The Fordham Ram)

Sophomore Finds Himself in Songwriting

Lou Orlando, Assistant Sports Editor February 15, 2023
Sophomore Anthony Satrohan embraces his musical roots by exploring the correlation between songwriting and mental health.
 “The Banshees of Inisherin” is nominated for nine Academy Awards. (Courtesy of Twitter)

“The Banshees of Inisherin” Teaches a Valuable Lesson on Sensitivity

Lauren Lombardi, Assistant Culture Editor February 15, 2023
In cultivating a faraway and forgotten landscape, "The Banshees of Inisherin" gives audiences a lesson about sensitivity and humanity.
Beyoncé’s record-breaking night left her with 32 Grammys. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Beyoncé Makes History at the 65th Grammy Awards

Nicole DiPietro, Contributing Writer February 15, 2023
At the 65th Grammy Awards earlier this month, Beyoncé made history among other successful artists.
Ridgewood, a neighborhood in central Queens, offers a quiet refuge for good food, books and people. (Courtesy of Caleb Stine for The Fordham Ram)

Spend a Sunday afternoon in Ridgewood, Queens

Caleb Stine, Columnist February 15, 2023
Ridgewood, an ethnic enclave rich with character, is the perfect neighborhood to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with inspiration from a good book. (Courtesy of Instagram)

A Romantic Reading List for Valentine’s Day

Lillian Verdi, Contributing Writer February 15, 2023
Take yourself on a literary date with this romantic Valentine's Day reading list!
Honey combines indie-pop with minimalist laments to discuss intimacy in ones twenties. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Samia’s “Honey” at the Sticky Surface of Intimacy

Katie Lussen, Contributing Writer February 15, 2023
Samia's sophomore album, "Honey" is a scrapbook of the singer's emotions and experiences.
Peter Brainin performed live jazz at Room 623 in Harlem. (Courtesy of Fiachra Costello for The Fordham Ram)

Peter Brainin & Friends Wow in Harlem

Fiachra Costello, Contributing Writer February 8, 2023
On Feb. 1, award-winning musician Peter Brainin and his quartet played a show at Harlem jazz club, Room 623. The audience excitedly listened as the music of Peter Brainin & Friends created a sense of intimacy and community.
Moody’s fashion inspirations are drawn from aspects of his personal life. (Courtesy of Nick Moody for The Fordham Ram)

Sophomore Explores Passion for Fashion

Evan McManus, Assistant Opinion Editor February 8, 2023
Nick Moody, GSB ’25, combined his inclinations for entrepreneurship and art in order to create his clothing project "Ants." Moody's first designs were spotted lanternflies, and as of late he has begun drawing more cartoonish figures.
Paris designers show their couture. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Paris, Couture and Diamonds, Oh My!

Julia Chorun, Contributing Writer February 8, 2023
Several exciting brands held Paris Fashion Week shows from Jan. 23-26, including Thom Browne, Victor & Rolf and Schiaparelli. Schiaparelli's show in particular sparked a lot of public debate surrounding their foam animal head garments.
“You People” is Netflix’s latest big-budget original film this year. (Courtesy of Twitter)

“You People” is a Shallow Attempt at Depth

Joseph Connolly, Contributing Writer February 8, 2023
Netflix's newest original film "You People" features a Hall of Fame cast of actors playing one-dimensional characters. While there is merit in their attempt, the movie was ultimately forgettable.
Upgrade your instant ramen with only an egg, veggies and extra sauce.(Courtesy of Kari White for The Fordham Ram)

How to Make Your Instant Ramen All the Rave

Kari White, Culture Editor February 8, 2023
Ramen is a classic instant-meal option, but there are many ways to spruce up a plain bowl (or cup) of noodles. When looking for something to savor instead of the easiest choice possible, pesto, a fried egg and chili flakes are some of the best add-ons.
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