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“Cannibal,” Sinclair’s debut collection, was published in 2016. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Safiya Sinclair’s “Cannibal” Threatens to Swallow You Whole

Ilaina Kim, Culture Editor February 8, 2023
Safiya Sinclair debut poetry collection, "Cannibal," touches on a broad range of themes, including race relations in America, black womanhood and tenderness. Her beautifully-crafted and intuitive poems allow for a full exploration of Sinclair herself and, in turn, reaches something deep within readers, too.
Experience NYC’s quiet charm in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood.(Courtesy of Caleb Stine for The Fordham Ram)

Explore the Quiet Charm of Brooklyn’s Park Slope

Caleb Stine, Columnist February 8, 2023
Park Slope is a quiet joy of a neighborhood, with plenty of good food and vintage stores to browse. A gem of the community, Nitehawk Cinema, screens classics and Oscar contenders; it also includes a bar and arcade.
Måneskin’s latest album, “Rush” is mostly rock with elements of pop. (Courtesy of Twitter)

“Rush” to Listen to Måneskin’s Latest Album

Alyssa Sawicki, Contributing Writer February 8, 2023
Måneskin's new album "Rush!" is a fun collection of songs from the newly Grammy-nominated band. They stay true to themselves despite the several songs in English, alluding to the band's ever-growing audience around the world.
‘Verse Jumping With Daniels will continue through Feb. 9. (Courtesy of James Smythe for The Fordham Ram)

How Do We Survive this Noise?: “‘Verse Jumping with Daniels”

James Smythe, Contributing Writer February 8, 2023
Film at Lincoln Center presented "'Verse Jumping with Daniels," featuring a screening of directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert's newest film "Everything Everywhere All at Once," followed by a Q&A with the Daniels. The directors talked about the resonance of their Michelle Yeoh-led film and the mantras that inspire them in filmmaking.
Wednesday has already acquired a cult following in the short time since its release, but it may not be fully deserved. (Courtesy of Instagram)

“Wednesday” is Woefully, Yet Wonderfully, Bad

Nicole Braun, Opinion Editor February 1, 2023
"Wednesday" doesn't live up to the previous iconic "Addams Family" movies. By attempting to create a self-aware tone, the dialogue only distracts from the main character, who's most entertaining when she is simply being an awkward, weird teenage girl.
The New York City Fire Museum showcases the heroism of firefighters. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Heroism on Display at the NYC Fire Museum

Rebecca Tejiram, Contributing Writer February 1, 2023
The NYC Fire Museum has many displays that highlight the strength and sacrifice of New York City's firefighters. Jill Freedman's collection includes several aspects of the job that are rarely seen, such as the brotherhood that develops.
Lane captures the entertainment and sports side of campus life in film. (Courtesy of Stephanie Lane for The Fordham Ram)

Sophomore Films and Photographs Campus Life

Sofia Donohue, Assistant News Editor February 1, 2023
Stephanie Lane's excitement to get involved at Fordham led her to seek out several photography and videography outlets, including WFUV, "Ramfluencing" and taking photos for a number of Fordham sports teams. Through all of the photography and videography opportunities at Fordham, Lane has discovered the broad-ranging impacts of her job.
Paramore explores the dance-pop sound, accompanied by refreshingly political lyrics in their newest single, C’est Comme Ça.” (Courtesy of Instagram)

Paramore’s Future and Fears in New Single “C’est Comme Ça”

Lily McCloskey, Contributing Writer February 1, 2023
Paramore releases the best of their newest singles with, "C’est Comme Ça." Williams throws away subtlety and opts for an anthem against the stress that has consumed her during the past few years.
CAB’s Winterfest concert brought the Peach Tree Rascals to Fordham. (Courtesy of Isabella DeRosa for The Fordham Ram)

Winterfest Presents: Peach Tree Rascals

Isabella DeRosa, Contributing Writer February 1, 2023
On Jan. 27, the Peach Tree Rascals headlined Winterfest hosted by Lincoln Center's Campus Activities Board. The group had a great, interactive set, giving students a fun soundtrack as they reconnected and enjoyed themselves.
“notes.” showcases the work of students from the 2022 Senior Seminar. (Courtesy of Meghan Mahaffey for The Fordham Ram)

Fordham Embraces Creative Freedom with “notes.”

Meghan Mahaffey, Contributing Writer February 1, 2023
"notes." features the artwork of 15 students who took part in the 2022 Senior Seminar. Students were given the artistic freedom to express themselves in a way that would help them make sense of the world around them.
Brandon Cronenbergs newest film falls lackluster during the third act in its attempts to shock audiences. (Courtesy of Instagram)

The Short Fuse of Excitement in “Infinity Pool”

Sebastian Diaz, Managing Editor February 1, 2023
Though the film is solid, the exceptional version of "Infinity Pool" is thought to be left in Sundance, before the film's most graphic scenes were edited out. Instead, audiences received a fine movie, but not Brandon Cronenberg's original vision.
The Pale Blue Eyes attempt to mimic the poet from which it comes stops it from reaching any greatness of its own. (Courtesy of Instagram)

“The Pale Blue Eye” Loses Sight of Poe’s Originality

Alex Dickison, Contributing Writer February 1, 2023
In the film adaptation of "The Pale Blue Eye," Edgar Allan Poe himself is the protagonist. Unlike Poe, the film lacks a concrete style and spends the runtime shifting from one to another.
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