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Answer Key to GGs Crossword Issue 18

Answer Key to GG’s Crossword Issue 18

Grace Galbreath, Assistant News Editor October 25, 2023

Issue 18 GG's Crossword

Kevin Hammill, FCRH ’25, won the title of Mr. Fordham this year. (Courtesy of Instagram)

FDM Hosts Second Annual Mr. Fordham Pageant

Kari White, Culture Editor October 25, 2023
On Oct. 19, Fordham Dance Marathon (FDM) held their second annual Mr. Fordham pageant in Fordham Prep’s Leonard Theatre. Created last year, the Mr. Fordham pageant raised $11,368 for the B+ Positive foundation, with the winner, Jonathan Eng, FCRH ’23, raising $4,296. As a result of last year’s success, FDM brought the event back, inviting students all over campus to apply for the chance of winning the coveted title.
OMA hosted Fordham’s first pride parade to celebrate LGBTQ history. (Courtesy of Instagram)

OMA Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride in First-Ever Parade

Kari White, Culture Editor October 25, 2023
On Wednesday, Oct. 11, Fordham’s Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) hosted the school’s very first Pride Parade. For a few hours, campus became awash with signs proclaiming the right to love, flags with every color of the rainbow and loud music booming through campus. The parade by the Lombardi Fieldhouse, winding past Hughes Hall, Cunniffe House and Dealy Hall to end right in front of the McShane Campus Center. The night did not conclude here, however, as drag queens then performed a show while students cheered them on.
Omar Apollo’s diligence in Live For Me is crystal clear. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Omar Apollo’s New EP: An Exploration of the Past

Claire Krieger, Digital Producer October 25, 2023
Omar Apollo is a rising name in the realm of laid-back R&B and soulful music nowadays. He first gained recognition after his song “Ugotme” racked up thousands of streams on Spotify and went viral. The Indiana-born singer has a discography of about 30 songs, but each one packs a meaningful punch. His new EP, “Live For Me,” is no exception to this.
The films featured in this year’s NYFF were incredibly diverse. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Film at Lincoln Center’s NYFF Features Diverse Lineup

Allison Moffitt, Contributing Writer October 25, 2023
In a year of ongoing strikes and increasing uncertainties facing the film industry, the 61st annual New York Film Festival (NYFF), which took place from Sept. 29 through Oct. 15, demonstrated that cinema continues to adapt and thrive despite an ever-changing industry. In the absence of A-list red carpets and celebrity photo-ops, the films themselves could truly take center stage.
Sex Education released its fourth and most inclusive season on Sept. 21, 2023. (Courtesy of Twitter)

“Sex Education” Season 4 as a Societal Wake-Up Call

Meghan Mahaffey, Contributing Writer October 25, 2023
"Sex Education" released its fourth and most inclusive season on Sept. 21, 2023. The season follows suit of the rest of the show, incorporating themes of sexuality, gender and familial disputes, but also including discussions of disability, race, religion, mental health and privilege associated with certain identities. Throughout the eight episodes, the viewer watches the main character, Otis, attempt to continue his legacy as his high school’s sex therapist at his university.
Anderson’s choice not to wear makeup sparked inspiration online. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Pamela Anderson’s “No-Makeup” Revolution

Zoe Ennis, Contributing Writer October 25, 2023
Pamela Anderson has been a beauty icon since the beginning of her “Playboy” modeling career in the early ’90s. Now, at 56, she is challenging society’s notions of what it truly means to be beautiful. Anderson has received a plethora of positive feedback from other women and celebrities for her decision to attend this year’s Paris Fashion Week shows without makeup.
Caroll Gardens’ array of pizza shops, bookstores and legendary restaurants makes it a great place for a day trip. (Courtesy of Caleb Stine for The Fordham Ram)

Carroll Gardens Cools and Comforts

Caleb Stine, Columnist October 25, 2023
Carroll Gardens stands out. Relax with a good book and take on the understated, yet gorgeous urban scenery of brownstones and brick buildings. Always classy and somehow never overwhelming, Carroll Gardens is comforting, and the perfect place to venture to as the leaves change colors.
Sivan’s album has gone viral on virtually all social media platforms. (Courtesy of Twitter)

“Something To Give Each Other” is Pop Perfection

Lauren Lombardi, Assistant Culture Editor October 25, 2023
Coming in at just under 33 minutes, “Something To Give Each Other” is a bite-sized piece of pop perfection. Between the sonic shifts, influences ranging from Janet Jackson to Yung Lean and a constant easy spirit to Sivan’s voice, “Something To Give Each Other” has endlessly enhanced the past few rainy weeks.
​​Bradbury’s stories still resonate. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Confronting the Uncomfortable with Ray Bradbury

Allison Schneider, Assistant Opinion Editor October 25, 2023
Ray Bradbury is prolific. He wrote about everything, and pretty much all of it is good. He wrote about childhood, science-fiction, the Midwest, nuclear fallout, environmentalism, technology, censorship and government corruption. His works were well-respected during his time and after for their compelling images, powerful analogies and insightful social commentary, but to me, they are so much more.
Gregory Alan Isakov enchants audiences while touring his newest album. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Gregory Alan Isakov Paints Meditative Melodies in Flatbush

Caroline Durkin, Contributing Writer October 25, 2023
A wave of tranquility passed through Kings Theatre in Flatbush, Brooklyn this past Friday. Gregory Alan Isakov, a South African folk artist, visited Flatbush on Oct. 20 while touring his newest album, “Appaloosa Bones.”
Dominianni curated several fascinating exhibitions for visitors to enjoy. (Courtesy of Riley Dominianni for The Fordham Ram)

Fordham Senior Curates Exhibitions for Ellis Island Museum

Ilaina Kim, Culture Editor October 25, 2023
Riley Dominianni, FCRH ’24, is a history and anthropology double major with an unabashed love for community involvement, 1960s folk revival music and timeless pieces of cinematography like “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.” Hailing from Kalamazoo, Mich., Dominianni has certainly made colorful strides on the Rose Hill campus. This semester marks her third year serving on the e-board for Theory and Praxis, a social justice and leftist book club, as well as her second year as the Events and Publicity Coordinator for the Italian Heritage Club, Insieme. 
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