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Ring likes to emphasize statement pieces with a simple outfit. (Courtesy of Jonah Ring for The Fordham Ram)

Sophomore Expresses Himself Through His Clothing

Grace Campbell, Multimedia Director March 13, 2024
Jonah Ring, FCRH '26, shows his artistic style through his choice of clothing. Having developed passions for environmentalism and academic inspiration through his relationships with those close to him, Ring has successfully put his personality and his sense of style.
Caballero cares for the Bronx. (Courtesy of Andres Caballero for The Fordham Ram)

Sophomore Makes a Difference in His Community, On-Campus and Off

Allison Schneider, Managing Editor March 6, 2024
When it comes to giving back, Andres Caballero, FCRH '26, is one of the most active people on campus. Caballero has worked hard to create a community on campus to donate extra meal swipes to a local food bank. Caballero has certainly made a significant impact not just in the Fordham community, but in the community of the Bronx as well.
Junior rocks an outfit based on mood and style. (Courtesy of Grace Campbell for The Fordham Ram)

Intentional Comfort Clothes

Grace Campbell, Multimedia Director March 6, 2024
Who said comfy can't look good? Andy Meeker, FCRH '25, puts intention and style into every outfit he wears, even if it is designed with comfort as the top priority. With an interest in 90s vibes and color matching, Meeker's sense of style is all about feeling like the best version of himself in the clothes he chooses.
Beyoncé is taking her talents out to the country in 2024. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Beyoncé Goes Country with New Single “Texas Hold ‘Em”

Zoe Karoub, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024
Beyoncé has shocked fans with her new single "Texas Hold 'Em," which seems to have brought the pop icon into a new country era. Raised in Houston, Beyoncé seems to be going back to her Texas roots, and fans have much to say about it.
Gray shows his range with this new release that is a fresh sound. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Exploring “Lonely Dancers”: Conan Gray’s Unexpected Synth-Pop Odyssey

Mehak Imran, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024
Conan Gray's release of latest single, "Lonely Dancers" has fans surprised. Conan seems to be straying from his typically slow and deeper music, creating a possible brand shift with his latest releases. While some are pleasantly surprised by the beat, a look into the lyrics of this song has left others feeling slightly disappointed.
Four Fordham students at Blue Mosque in Turkey. (Courtesy of Lusa Holmstrom for The Fordham Ram)

An Ode to Pangea

Lusa Holmstrom, Staff Writer March 6, 2024
Follow Lusa Holmstrom, FCRH '25, as she travels through three of the seven world's continents in seemingly record time. From Europe to Asia, Africa and back to Europe again, Holmstrom shares the most memorable experiences from her worldwide adventure.
Looking for the perfect way to start spring? Go to the Botans! (Courtesy of Mary Hawthorn for The Fordham Ram)

The Orchid Show: Florals In Fashion at the New York Botanical Garden

Mary Hawthorn, Photo Editor March 6, 2024
Spring came early this year for the New York Botanical Gardens (NYBG). Already in full bloom, the NYGB is home to a beautiful display of a variety of orchids constructed in ornate and breathtaking fashion.
The drama and artistic inspiration of Andalusian Spain comes to Lincoln Center. (Courtesy of Chelsea DeLalla for The Fordham Ram)

Locked Doors and Unraveling Minds: A Review of “The House of Bernarda Alba”

Chelsea DeLalla, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024
On Feb. 22, in the Pope Auditorium at Fordham University Lincoln Center, was the premiere of “The House of Bernarda Alba,” enacted by Fordham students. The cast and crew of “The House of Bernarda Alba” had given an outstanding performance portraying the last piece of poet and playwright Frederico García Lorca.
 “Boyhood” gives nostalgic reminders of childhood. (Courtesy of Twitter)

“Boyhood” Makes Me Happy to be Alive

Caleb Stine, Culture Editor March 6, 2024
Caleb Stine, FCRH '25, shares his deep connection with coming of age series, "Boyhood". Telling the story of a young boy growing up in a Texan suburb, this story is both heartfelt and easy to follow. Simplicity and growing up being the overarching themes, "Boyhood" gives viewers a story they can relate too.
 An AI Joel in his 20s and trademark tweed jacket stars with three other Piano Men of the past. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Billy Joel’s AI Music Video is Frighteningly Good

Alexander Hom, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024
Billy Joel's New AI music video is a hit amongst fans. This unconventional way of video production may just be a stepping stone for the music industry.
GGs Crossword Answers Issue 6

GG’s Crossword Answers Issue 6

Grace Galbreath, Assistant News Editor Emeritus March 6, 2024

Thrifting With Friends offers a sustainable alternative to new clothing.(Courtesy of Julia Chorun for The Fordham Ram)

Thrifting With Friends: A Bronx-Based Tale of Beauty

Julia Chorun, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024
The Bronx-based community builder "Thrifting with Friends" is offering new opportunities for fashion gurus to expand their style in a sustainable way. The pop-up shops are a new way to not only revamp your wardrobe, but also connect with others in the fashion community.
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