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2023 Commencement Issue

Dear 2023 Graduates,

First and foremost, congratulations to all who are graduating this year. Graduating is no small accomplishment. To get to this point, obstacles were overcome and goals were met, especially in the face of what the class of 2023 faced during their tenure at Fordham University. From a first year interrupted by COVID-19, a second year that was filled with the challenges of navigating online classes and campus life, a junior year that dealt with the difficulties of transitioning back to life before the pandemic and then finally a senior year that handled being the first true year of the “new normal,” challenges have certainly been tackled. However, while the pandemic has been an undeniable presence in the class of 2023’s time at Fordham, it does not define it. The class of 2023 has created a prominent legacy at the university that is defined by athletic achievements, research, leadership, innovation and determination. We at The Fordham Ram congratulate each and every one of you on your accomplishments. We look forward to hearing about this exciting next chapter of all of your lives and celebrating you on closing this one. Because of this, we dedicate this edition of the Ram to this year’s commencement ceremony and the class of 2023. Congratulations again to all!

Wishing you the very best,
Isabel Danzis, Editor in Chief

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2023 Commencement Issue