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The word choice in Roald Dahl’s novels should be preserved. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Dahl and the Dangerous Deletions

Nicole Braun, Opinion Editor March 22, 2023
While Dahl was certainly no hero, the decision to alter the language in his classic children’s books is unnecessary and dangerous.
Andrew Tate’s social media strategy promotes an international patriarchy. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Andrew Tate’s Carefully Constructed and Pathetic Patriarchy

Alexei Gannon, Columnist March 22, 2023
The rise of Andrew Tate as an internet celebrity demonstrates the ways in which social media technologies are changing patriarchy and other ideological systems through the process of cultural internationalization.
Violence against the transgender population is genocidal. (Courtesy of Twitter)

State-Sponsored Trans Violence is Genocide

Sebastian Diaz, Managing Editor March 22, 2023
The state-supported and social violence against the country’s transgender population is simply genocide.
 Dominion is suing Fox News concerning voting systems and widespread distrust. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Fox News and Dominion Go Head-To-Head Over 2020 Elections

March 22, 2023
Dominion is suing Fox News for what they claim to be lies spread about their voting systems and widespread distrust and irreversible damage done to the company by Fox hosts and Chief Executive of Fox Rupert Murdoch.
Genetically editing children poses ethical and safety concerns. (Courtesy of Pixaby)

Are Genetically Engineered Babies a Step Too Far?

Carolyn Branigan, Contributing Writer March 22, 2023
Though it started as a noble effort to develop gene editing, recent uses of the renowned tool CRISPR have opened society up to a plethora of ethical issues.
The Willow Project in Alaska endangers the future of our environment. (Courtesy of Twitter)

The Passing of the Willow Project is Another Federal Failure

Alexandra Rapp, Contributing Writer March 22, 2023
President Joe Biden approved of the Willow Project on Monday, March 13, expected to be the largest proposed oil drilling project on federal lands in US history.
New A.I. tech in the medical field will help doctors treat patients.(Courtesy of Twitter)

AI Tech is a Benefit to, Not a Betrayal of, to the Medical Field

Saisha Islam, Staff Writer March 22, 2023
The use of these newly developed A.I. technologies will not only benefit patients by helping detect more infinitesimal signs of disease but also aid physicians who can use them as tools to double-check cases and reduce their workload so they are more able to focus on patient care and treatment plans for disease recovery.
My Ever-Changing Relationship With New York City

My Ever-Changing Relationship With New York City

Evan McManus, Assistant Opinion Editor March 22, 2023
The appeal of living in New York grows with the time I spend at Fordham as the city continues to change and develop.
 Passion should become the cornerstone of human existence.(Courtesy of Instagram)

On the Scarcity of Passion & the Need to Share It

John Wenz, Contributing Writer March 22, 2023
The absence of passion in the modern world endangers our livelihoods and legacies.
Fordham is a Fair-Weather Catholic School

Fordham is a Fair-Weather Catholic School

March 22, 2023
President Tetlow revealed that Fordham will not be changing the policies surrounding access to contraception unless the Catholic Church changes said doctrine. 
Nikki Haley will have to run to keep up in the 2024 presidential election. (Courtesy of Twitter)

“Running in Heels” Looks Difficult for 2024 Hopeful Nikki Haley

Noah Osborne, Staff Writer March 8, 2023
Nikki Haley faces an uphill climb against other 2024 Republican Presidential Nominees.
Ohioans believe they’re being lied to in the aftermath of the chemical spill (Courtesy of Twitter)

More Transparency Needed Regarding Murky Ohio Chemical Spill

Ava Carreiro, Digital Producer March 8, 2023
The lackluster response from Federal, Local and Norfolk Suffolk officials harmed East Palestine residents.
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