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Despite potential environmental benefits, Indonesia will likely still rely on coal. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Despite Progress, Indonesia Will Still Rely on Coal Power

Saisha Islam, Contributing Writer February 15, 2023
Indonesia’s ambitious climate goals are admirable, but their continued funding for new coal plants and developments demonstrates they have a long way to go.
NYC Neglects Homeless Amidst Arctic Temps

NYC Neglects Homeless Amidst Arctic Temps

February 15, 2023

New York is no stranger to extreme weather, experiencing the gamut from brutal winter snow storms to deluges of rain from summer tropical storms. Fordham itself has experienced the consequences that these...

Galentine’s Day is a wonderful way to celebrate the platonic loves in your life.
(Courtesy of Instagram)

Galentine’s Day Is A Love Letter to Friendship

Nicole Braun, Opinion Editor February 15, 2023
Galentine’s Day is cheesy — but aren’t all the best love stories?
Biden needs to step aside and endorse another Democrat for a 2024 run. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Its Time For Joe To Go: Biden Shouldn’t Run Again

Michael Duke, Contributing Writer February 15, 2023
Due to his old age and multiple political mishaps, President Biden should not seek reelection.
Active COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket in China as the country abandons health protocols. (Courtesy of Twitter)

China Ill-Prepared for the End of “Zero COVID”

Zachary Badalamenti, Contributing Writer February 15, 2023
Although the Chinese government ending the “zero covid” policy has helped its economy recover, their disregard for public health concerns has harmed the population.
Trump has shown that he is not truly devoted to protecting LGBTQ+ rights.(Courtesy of Twitter)

Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric Threatens LGTBQ+ Community

Eleanor Smith, Contributing Writer February 14, 2023
Trump’s hateful rhetoric towards members of the LGBTQ+ community will cause attacks on trans rights to increase in the coming years.
The Joy of Jumping to My Favorite Songs

The Joy of Jumping to My Favorite Songs

Lauren Lombardi, Assistant Culture Editor February 8, 2023

During the relentless awkwardness of middle school, the only thing I allowed myself to turn to for comfort was music. There was no one in the midst of my playlists trying to get answers out of me; in fact,...

The exposure to mundane and traumatic videos on TikTok is desensitizing us. (Courtesy of Pixby)

Seriously, Just for a Second, Stop Scrolling on TikTok

Sophia Forlenza, Assistant Copy Chief February 8, 2023
Our generation says that we know that TikTok is harmful, but when one of our peers smugly points out its flaws, we sigh and shrug with defeat, as if we’re past the point of no return.
The Fordham Dining services rely too heavily on using plastic. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Fordham’s Wasteful Habits Must End

John Wenz, Contributing Writer February 8, 2023
Plastic consumption at Fordham exceeds the overuse of straws and cups at Dagger John's.
The Inflation Reduction Act has decreased prices for seniors. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Inflation Reduction Act Delivers for Elders

Saisha Islam, Contributing Writer February 8, 2023
The Inflation Reduction Act will lower climate change effects like greenhouse gas emissions, decrease health costs and increase taxes for large companies and rich investors.
Academic Integrity Is Under Siege

Academic Integrity Is Under Siege

February 8, 2023
ChatGPT is a program that generates text in the form of complete essays for students to use in place of their own work.
Body cameras can’t stop police brutality, but they’re a step in the right direction. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Body Cameras Won’t Stop Police Brutality — Accountability Will

Damien Moshman, Contributing Writer February 8, 2023
Body cameras are simply not enough to stop police brutality. Systemic changes — not just the reallocation of funds to different bureaucratic areas — need to be made in order to actually hold police officers accountable, especially when their superiors won’t.
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