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Students and faculty continue to focus on sustainability efforts. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Say No to USG College Housing Proposal

Jaylin Seldon, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
An analysis of how the USG housing proposal would affect Fordham’s community and how we can work to avoid engaging in displacement and making housing harder for those outside our walls.
Face masks should still be encouraged to maintain public health. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Should I Be Masking?

Zoë Chapital, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
As COVID-19 is still spreading, the government should still be encouraging people to mask because it slows the spread of disease.
Gig Workers should be afforded the same rights as permanent laborers. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Equality of Law, Equality of Labor

Kathryn-Alexandria Rossi, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
Gig work deserves the same protections as permanent labor.
Standardized tests must return to admissions.(Courtesy of Twitter)

Test Scores Are Necessary In College Admissions

Lindsey Osit, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
Standardized test scores such as the SAT should be considered in college admission since they reflect educational deficiencies, are effective in measuring academic intelligence and predict future success.
Biden administration expedites repatriation of Native American artifacts. (Courtesy of Twitter)

The Impact of Expedited Repatriation on Museums

Laila Sayegh, Staff Writer February 7, 2024
By prioritizing transparency, collaboration with Indigenous communities, and diversity in staffing, museums can show how the expedited repatriation process will benefit the museum experience.
The Harsh Reality of the Death Penalty

The Harsh Reality of the Death Penalty

February 7, 2024

On the evening of Jan. 25, history was made. Alabama became the first place in the world to execute a person with nitrogen hypoxia. There were concerns beforehand. Kenneth Smith, the man on death row,...

TikTok has been barred from using UMG-produced music. (Courtesy of Twitter)

TikTok Loses The Right To UMG Music

Cailee Zeraat, Copy Chief February 7, 2024
While UMG’s stated that they removed their music from TikTok to protect artists, many smaller artists use TikTok to advertise, and this move will only hurt them
U.S. news coverage of the Gaza War lacks transparency. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Journalism in a Time of Genocide

Isabella Lipayon, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
U.S. Newsrooms are inaccurately covering the siege of Gaza and leaving responsibility to independent reporters.
Social media pranks are out of control. (Courtesy of Canva)

The Dark Side of Social Media Notoriety

Abby Smith, Contributing Writer January 31, 2024
The obsession with social media fame has resulted in criminal consequences for some, but the loss of moral judgment is far more worrying.
Self-publishing presents new changes to the industry. (Courtesy of Mary Hawthorn/The Fordham Ram)

Self-Publishing: Turning the Page on the Book Industry

Sophie Maselli, Digital Producer January 31, 2024
Although self-publishing helps more writers publish books than ever before, it is flooding the book industry with poorer-quality novels.
Diversity initiatives are threatened by potential U.S. education laws. (Courtesy of Instagram)

DEI Initiatives Strengthen Student Bodies and Improve Education

Damien Moshman, Contributing Writer January 31, 2024
DEI initiatives are being targeted by legislative action, but they need to be preserved for the sake of a stronger student body.
NYC cost of living should be more affordable. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Dreaming of an Affordable New York

Luca Amaturo, Contributing Writer January 31, 2024
The cost of living in New York is reaching obscene levels and there has been limited action to help the average citizens of New York. Simple solutions that could be implemented include increasing the number of housing, price ceilings on essential goods, and slightly taxing the rich more.
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