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A Window Into My Time at The Fordham Ram

A Window Into My Time at The Fordham Ram

Jamison Rodgers, Editorial Director November 1, 2023
Was college the best four years of my life? I hope not. I hope my best years are still to come. But the Ram gave me the people who made sure my college years were some damn good ones.
Swifts re-recording of her music has been an inspiration to other musicians.

Transforming the Music Industry (Taylor’s Version)

Hailey Baker, Contributing Writer November 1, 2023
As Swift prepares to re-record her last two albums, “Taylor Swift” and “Reputation,” it is evident that her unwavering dedication to reclaiming her work has set a new music industry standard for artists worldwide. By fighting for the ownership of her work, Swift is not just asserting her rights but inspiring a movement advocating for artist integrity and just representation in their labels and the music industry as a whole.
Fordhams Hesitant Hate Crime Response

Fordham’s Hesitant Hate Crime Response

November 1, 2023
Clearly, if these events keep arising within our community, then Fordham’s response has not been effective enough in the past. And yes, while bias-related incidents and hate crimes are a larger problem globally that will take systemic changes to improve, claiming helplessness at the local community level just feels like a way to excuse why you are not doing more.
Downtowns can no longer rely on office workers to stimulate their economies.

The Future of America’s Downtowns Lies in Fun

Luca Amaturo, Contributing Writer November 1, 2023
American cities must evolve to thrive in the post-covid future.
States need to put sovereignty and national security first.

National Security Lessons from Arkansas

Michael Duke, Contributing Writer November 1, 2023

Whether you’re from South Carolina, Montana or New Hampshire, property owners know that 1-2 acres is no small amount of land. However, as recent news out of Arkansas has been reported, a Chinese-owned...

International institutions need to consider thier impact on the world.

Neo-Colonialsim at the IMF and the World Bank

Saisha Islam, Staff Writer November 1, 2023
The IMF and World Bank should reimagine how to help developing nations instead of perpetrating neo-colonialism through their loan program.
Sustainable fuels for aviation travel are still a dream for major airlines.

Is Air Travel Still Stustainable?

Laila Sayegh, Contributing Writer November 1, 2023
Sustainable aviation has a long way to go before it can make a positive impact globally.
A new Barnes & Noble CEO is encouraging stores to lean into unique looks.

Barnes & Noble’s New “Back to Books” Strategy

Cailee Zeraat, Contributing Writer November 1, 2023
Barnes & Noble's new approach to their stores demonstrates that bookstores are not just for purchasing.
Aging is inevitable, developing wrinkles should not inspire fear in teens.

Teenagers Should See the Beauty in Aging

Sophie Maselli, Contributing Writer November 1, 2023
Anti-wrinkle practices are not like the toxic beauty standards of the past until they are executed as such. It is only when anti-wrinkling practices are used to promote fear and anxiety based on unnatural beauty standards do they become a problem. As teens have access to and consume more media, they are exposed to the practices of older people and begin to take notice.
The American Dream, New Yorks Nightmare

The American Dream, New York’s Nightmare

October 25, 2023
The U.S. has always been a country made up of immigrants. And while the countries people are immigrating from have changed through the centuries, the discrimination and hate has not. It is time for the U.S., and New York specifically, to change their ways and live up to the values they preach.
The Catholic Church currently alienates progressives.

The Catholic Church Must Evolve to Survive

Luca Amaturo, Contributing Writer October 25, 2023
The only future for the Catholic Church is a progressive future that is inclusive and acknowledges its past mistakes. The current Synod is a great first step towards achieving a more progressive church that can hopefully provide hope during these unsettling times.
The Bidens should have taken action before the 11th biting incident.

Commander Biden: From White House to Dog House

Hailey Baker, Contributing Writer October 25, 2023
While the Bidens’ commitment to addressing Commander’s aggressive behavior is noteworthy, waiting 11 incidents to remove him and actively work to solve the issue underscores the importance of proactive measures and responsible pet ownership.
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