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Red Flag laws can decrease gun violence if we take advantage of them. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Red Flag Laws Can Save Lives— And That Shouldn’t Be Controversial

Lindsay Osit, Contributing Writer February 8, 2023
Nineteen states have passed red flag laws enabling judges to remove firearms from dangerous individuals.
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The Necessity of Fighting For Abortion Rights in a Post-Roe

Saisha Islam, Contributing Writer February 1, 2023
The limits on abortion access that have been implimented across the country will have harmful effects on women health.
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3D-Printed Homes Are The Future of Construction

Lindsey Osit, Contributing Writer February 1, 2023
The benefits 3D printing will have on the construction industry far outweigh the negatives.
Fordhams Funding of CPS Is Insufficient

Fordham’s Funding of CPS Is Insufficient

February 1, 2023
Fordham Univiersty would supporting its students by propely funding CPS.
Social media poses a major detriment to society’s mental health. (Courtesy of Twitter)

The Problems Posed by Social Media Are Not Metaphysical

Nicole Braun, Opinion Editor February 1, 2023
Suing social media companies for the harm they have caused will not help solve our addiction realiance on it
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American Conservatism Crosses Border Into Canada

Zachary Badalamenti, Contributing Writer February 1, 2023
The far rights influence has infected politics in Canada.
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Post-Pandemic American Churches Face Uncertain Futures

Nora Leach, Contributing Writer February 1, 2023
The rise in church closures across the U.S will have a significant effect Americans' relationship to religion.
Fighting Against the Sunday Void

Fighting Against the Sunday Void

Nick Guzman, Sports Editor February 1, 2023
It can be a struggle to motivate yourself on Sunday, but a good plan can help.
Social media marketing for “quick fix” diets is dangerous for mental health. (Courtesy of Pixabey.)

How Marketing & Media Fuel Diet Culture

Carolyn Branigan, Contributing Writer January 25, 2023
From gym memberships to fat burning supplements and teas, businesses are capitalizing on the public’s desperation for a quick fix. Additionally, media and marketing standards of conforming to a particular “ideal” body type is unattainable for the majority of the population.
 In light of their potential dangers, the government is right to ban gas stoves. (Courtesy of Pixabey.)

Gas Stoves: A Threat To Human Health and the Environment

Lindsey Osit, Contributing Writer January 25, 2023
The US should ban gas stoves because they pose a danger to human health and the environment — and switching to electric stoves is an easy way to minimize the risk.
Disney Bob Iger is enforcing an in-person four-day work week. (Courtesy of Twitter.)

Heigh-Ho, It’s Off to Work They Go

Saisha Islam, Contributing Writer January 25, 2023
Disney’s work quota increase serves more risks and seems like a bad move for business unless other factors are taken into consideration. In order for Disney to make the best of a four day work week, they should consider employee concerns to make workers more comfortable which would raise productivity, creativity and morale.
Prince Harry was met with harsh criticism following the release of his memoir. (Courtesy of Twitter.)

Prince Harry Bares Too Much In “Spare”

Grace Campbell, Digital Producer January 25, 2023
The general public is tired of hearing what feels like the same story, and with every new project, that feeling only grows. After leaving the royal family, Harry and Meghan took on more deals than they should have and now are detailing parts of their lives that should stay private.
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