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The Unseen Forces that Shape Our Lives

Cristina Stefanizzi, Assistant News Editor March 6, 2024
Wherever someone ends up, the people they interact with and the choices they make have an effect not only on themselves, but others.
Migration should be approached with more knowledge and compassion. (Courtesy of Angel Madera for the Fordham Ram)

Unraveling the Complexities in Global Migration

Angel Madera, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024
Beyond statistics lie human narratives of resilience, struggle and hope amidst systemic injustices, where humans are driven from their homes by socioeconomic and political factors only to face hostility and exploitation.
Politicians should focus on rehabilitation when dealing with drug addiction. (Courtesy of Twitter/ @conr_mccarthy)

Rehabilitation, Not Incarceration

Mike Angelo Rodriguez, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024
Allowing people to have access to resources and aid to combat their addiction would be more of a service to them rather than locking them up and ruining their futures.
Lab-grown meat offers a new, environmentally-sustainable alternative to traditional meat products. (Courtesy of Instagram)

It’s Time To Embrace Lab-Grown Meat

Lindsey Osit, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024
Current meat production tactics do not support a sustainable future. If something isn’t working, change should be initiated.
Bilingual students are underserved in New York City public schools. (Courtesy of @NYCMayor/Twitter)

NYC Migrant Crisis Overwhelms Education System

Zachary Badalamenti, Assistant Opinion Editor March 6, 2024
Considering how much the children of migrant families have already had to go through to now be in NYC public schools, the education system needs more attention and support from the city.
Rep. Troy Nehls faces backlash over comments on Rep. Cori Bush. (Courtesy of Twitter)

The Nuance of Political Discourse

Michael Duke, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024
Free speech has upset others to the point where many are reading political banter as bigoted or hateful speech. What America must learn is that you need to step back, see the entire picture in front of you and then make assessments for why people are saying the things that they are.
The Challenges That International Students Face

The Challenges That International Students Face

February 21, 2024
How does Fordham help international students navigate through this maze? OIS helps students receive visas and guides them through employment authorization. Regarding internships, the Career Center is less helpful. While they offer many resources about internships and post-graduation job search, most of the website is targeted towards domestic students.
16-year-old Pérez was killed while employed illegally. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Turning a Blind Eye to Child Labor

Jaylin Seldon, Contributing Writer February 21, 2024
As more domestic workers reject low-paying jobs businesses turn to children to plug the holes.
Favorite school lunches are cut from the menu. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Cold Cuts to NYC School Lunches

Haniyyah Usmani, Digital Producer February 21, 2024
Eric Adams’ decision to cut down funding from school lunches, an aspect of the city that needed more, seems pointless when all efforts seem to go to waste. Without proper leadership, NYC is already struggling. If the only way possible to deal with the crisis is by taking away from one’s own city, then it must be high time to ask for assistance and explore another way.
Yoon Suk-yeol used AI generated content to help him win an election. (Courtesy of Instagram)

AI and Election Day

Indira Kar February 21, 2024
While offering benefits to the election cycle, artificial intelligence does not have a place in the future of political campaigning as it poses many threats and concerns.
Many express concerns regarding the age of 2024 Presidential Candidates. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Biden and Trump Are Too Old, But the Presidency Shouldn’t Have an Age Limit

Andrew McDonald, Contributing Writer February 21, 2024
Yes, Biden and Trump Are Too Old, but That Doesn’t Mean the Presidency Needs an Age Limit.
Gun control should be regulated. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Thoughts and Prayers and More Mass Shootings

Joe Henry, Staff Writer February 21, 2024
This is not a figment of imagination or an author’s vision of a dystopian world amidst an apocalypse — it is the Super Bowl parade. Each day, as gunshots reverberate through the streets, our inaction proves that the love we have for firearms tragically supersedes the love we have for our fellow citizens.
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