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Rep. Santos’s resume “embellishments” sold voters on a truly false identity. (Courtesy of Twitter.)

Lying is Okay — the House of Representatives Won’t Check Your Resume

Michael Sluck, Production Editor January 25, 2023
By allowing Representative Santos to maintain his position despite his many lies to his constituents, Speaker McCarthy runs the risk of increasing Americans’ distrust of Congress.
Fordham Is Finally Free Of Scooters

Fordham Is Finally Free Of Scooters

January 25, 2023
On Thursday, Dec. 8, Public Safety sent a community-wide email announcing the ban of e-scooters and e-bikes, effective Jan. 3. The Fordham Ram believes that Public Safety made the right decision to ban e-scooters and protect students, faculty and staff from a potentially hazardous situation.
Courtesy of The Fordham Ram

Pulled Between Two Different Realities

Emma Kim, News Editor January 25, 2023
It's hard to go home, and it's hard to go back to school, but the discomfort makes the overall experience so much better.
Both Biden and Trump are involved in document scandals. (Courtesy of Twitter.)

A Tale of Two Classified Document Scandals

Eden Cottone, Contributing Writer January 25, 2023
Over the last week, over 16 classified documents have been seized from President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware. Many Americans this past week have questioned if we should judge Biden’s document scandal the same way that we judge former president Donald Trump’s.
 Since 1994, 59 countries around the world have expanded reproductive rights. (Courtesy of Twitter)

American Two-Party System Intrinsically Restricts Liberties

Lindsey Osit, Contributing Writer November 30, 2022
Bipartisanship has remained at the center of the U.S. government since its inception. However, its historical efficacy often obscures its current drawbacks to the public.
Speak Up, But Not at Fordham

Speak Up, But Not at Fordham

November 30, 2022
If Fordham wants to avoid ending up on future FIRE rankings, it needs to rework its policies regarding student expression and free speech on campus. 
Courtesy of Nikoleta Papavasilakis for The Fordham Ram.

In a Windowless Room, Inspiration Is on the Walls

Ava Erickson, Editor in Chief November 30, 2022
The Ram office is a place where you can create; laugh; struggle; share ideas; discuss morals, politics or life; fail and succeed. While I am endlessly proud of the skills and talents of everyone at the Ram, it is really the community that made this year so special.
During the pandemic, Airbnbs grew in popularity as a cheaper alternative to hotels with a more private experience. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Future of Tourism: Airbnbs Won’t Replace Hotels

Saisha Islam, Contributing Writer November 30, 2022
During the pandemic, Airbnbs grew in popularity as a cheaper alternative to hotels because they offered users a more private experience with more personal space. Although this rise in popularity has added a new perspective to the traveling experience, I don’t think Airbnbs will ever fully replace the hospitality industry.
Maxwell Frost is the first member of Gen Z to be elected to Congress. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Maxwell Frost Represents Generation Z and the Future of Congress

Evan McManus, Contributing Writer November 30, 2022
The election of Maxwell Frost to Congress is a watershed moment in American politics. It is a sign of how powerful a force Generation Z has become within the electorate.
American gymnast Olivia Dunne has an N.I.L. partnership with Forever 21. (Courtesy of Instagram)

N.I.L. Deals Are Not to Blame for Sexism in Women’s Sports

Maddie Bimonte, Assistant Sports Editor November 30, 2022
As women decide to enter into N.I.L. deals, there should always be some caution as to what deal they are signing, just as anyone should have caution as they approach any contract. The deals themselves, though, have been a key building block to the funding and promotion of women’s sports over the past two years.
Colorado passed a proposition to allow regulated use of psychedelic mushrooms. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Psychedelic Drug Usage in Mental Health Treatment Should be Normalized

Ally Dugan, Contributing Writer November 30, 2022
Under regulation, psilocybin is proven to have extraordinary effects and positive experiences for people seeking an alternative to standard medicine.
China’s BRI could strenghten the country’s relationship with North Korea. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Close Relationship Between China and North Korea is Cause for Concern

Sarah Kenny, Contributing Writer November 30, 2022
China’s continued rise to the top of the world food chain could lead to a deepening of the relationship between China and North Korea.
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