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New York City is obligated to help migrants. (Courtesy of Twitter)

No Rest For The Weary

Kathryn-Alexandra Rossi, Contributing Writer February 14, 2024
The city has a moral obligation to use all available resources to help migrants.
The role of AI in modern art production should be reevaluated. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Brushes vs Binary: The Bridge Between Human and Machine

Flora Dedvukaj, Contributing Writer February 14, 2024
Refik Anadol's exhibit “Unsupervised” at MoMA challenges traditional views on art and ownership, advocating for a reevaluation of AI’s role in creativity and society.
Heaven Forbid They Stay for Breakfast

Heaven Forbid They Stay for Breakfast

February 14, 2024

On Jan. 24, The Fordham Ram published an article about Fordham University’s pending new policy of allowing overnight guests of the opposite gender in residence halls. Currently, the guest pass policy...

The election of ONeill is more symbolically than politically important. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Nationalist Leadership Isn’t a Fix-All

Nora Malone, News Editor February 14, 2024
Northern Ireland's election of a Nationalist leader is a step in the right direction, but the politics don't hold the power.
The University of Pennsylvanias recent actions are under criticism. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Evaluating Pennsylvania Museum’s Handling of Black Remains

Zoë Chapital, Contributing Writer February 14, 2024
The Penn Museum fails to properly repatriate the remains of 19 unidentified Black remains, perpetuating institutional legacies of anti-Blackness.
The future of U.S. abortion policies are uncertain. (Courtesy of Mary Hawthorn for the Fordham Ram)

The Anti-Abortion Movement Silences Democracy

Luca Amaturo, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
The Republican Party knows most Americans want abortion to be legal, so they are more covertly limiting abortion access in order to avoid political backlash.
Students and faculty continue to focus on sustainability efforts. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Say No to USG College Housing Proposal

Jaylin Seldon, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
An analysis of how the USG housing proposal would affect Fordham’s community and how we can work to avoid engaging in displacement and making housing harder for those outside our walls.
Getting Out of Tunnel Vision

Getting Out of Tunnel Vision

Isabella DeRosa, Assistant Culture Editor February 7, 2024

I like to consider myself a fan of history and philosophy, so taking a course on ancient literature is right up my alley. I don’t even mind that we have to read 50 pages and complete a graded writing...

(Courtesy of Twitter)

Should I Be Masking?

Zoë Chapital, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
As COVID-19 is still spreading, the government should still be encouraging people to mask because it slows the spread of disease.
Gig Workers should be afforded the same rights as permanent laborers. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Equality of Law, Equality of Labor

Kathryn-Alexandria Rossi, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
Gig work deserves the same protections as permanent labor.
Standardized tests must return to admissions.(Courtesy of Twitter)

Test Scores Are Necessary In College Admissions

Lindsey Osit, Contributing Writer February 7, 2024
Standardized test scores such as the SAT should be considered in college admission since they reflect educational deficiencies, are effective in measuring academic intelligence and predict future success.
Biden administration expedites repatriation of Native American artifacts. (Courtesy of Twitter)

The Impact of Expedited Repatriation on Museums

Laila Sayegh, Staff Writer February 7, 2024
By prioritizing transparency, collaboration with Indigenous communities, and diversity in staffing, museums can show how the expedited repatriation process will benefit the museum experience.
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