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The DEAs new regulations will not make receiving medication more convenient for patients. (Courtesy of Pixaby)

DEA’s New Regulations Will Hurt Patients

Saisha Islam, Staff Writer April 5, 2023
The drug shortage in the U.S. is not a new problem, and the DEA's new regulatory system is not the right way to fix it.
New Arkansas law rolled back crucial child labor laws. (Courtesy of Twitter)

New Child Labor Laws Will Harm Children Nationwide

Emma Lipkind, Opinion Editor Emerita April 5, 2023
The current trend of states considering rolling back child labor laws puts children at risk of getting harmed in dangerous working conditions.
Some people are nervous about CRISPR based on past misuses of medical technology. (Courtesy of Twitter)

New Lives, New Genes: CRISPR and Newborns

Alexandra Rapp, Contributing Writer March 29, 2023
The potential of CRISPR to improve society outweighs its risks
Trump is facing a possible indictment from the Manhattan DA. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Trump’s Possible Indictment is a Symptom of a Deteriorating Justice System

Michael Duke, Contributing Writer March 29, 2023
The grand jury proceedings are part of a greater issue of the weaponization of the judicial system against conservatives and right-leaning individuals.
SunnyD’s new alcoholic pursuits seem to be a marketing scheme. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Controversy Over SunnyD’s New Drink Clouds Image

Michael Duke, Contributing Writer March 29, 2023
Citizens should hold alcohol companies accountable for the harm that they cause.
It is immoral that Americans must pay such a high price for live-saving meds. (Courtesy of Twitter)

To Live or Not to Live: An Unfortunate Question Posed By U.S. Healthcare System

Nicole Rios, Contributing Writer March 29, 2023
Americans with diabetes should not be forced to ration their insulin, for the sake of corporate profits.
The search for COVID-19’s origins is unnecessary and politically motivated.
(Courtesy of Twitter)

The Origin of COVID-19 Doesn’t Matter

Abigail Martin, Contributing Writer March 29, 2023
The search for COVID-19’s origin has morphed into another political talking point.
Getting reproductive healthcare has been difficult since the summer of 2022. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Wyoming Bans Abortion Pill, Reaffirming Dystopian Nightmare

Alexandra Rapp, Contributing Writer March 29, 2023
Wyoming's abortion pill ban further harms women's healthcare.
President Macron’s constitutional workaround rightly angered French citizens. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Flaming French Protests Over Retirement Age Are Justified

Ava Carreiro, Digital Producer March 29, 2023
The French people are right to protest the raising of their retirement age.
The U.S. still feels the Iraq War’s overall impact two decades following its end. (Courtesy of Twitter)

America Needs to Reflect on Its Role on the World Stage

Evan McManus, Assistant Opinion Editor March 29, 2023
On the 20th Anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, America should reflect on the future of its foreign policy.
Performative Protesting on Fordham’s Campus

Performative Protesting on Fordham’s Campus

March 29, 2023

Unless you have been living under a rock, or not reading The Fordham Ram, you know there has been an uptick in discussions of unions within the Fordham community this year. There are three unions at Fordham...

Do It For the Bit, If Only For Yourself

Do It For the Bit, If Only For Yourself

Lou Orlando, Assistant Sports Editor March 29, 2023
If something makes you laugh, its worth doing.
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