Fordham to Continue Athletic Events Despite University’s Coronavirus Response


Fordham University has decided to cancel in-person classes due to the rapidly-growing novel coronavirus outbreak in the United States and the New York area. 

That response from the university has not, however, affected the playing of Fordham’s athletic events.

The university announced as part of its coronavirus update this morning that athletic events would go on as scheduled without spectators through March 30, the same date the university has set for a reassessment of the situation to see if classes can resume. There are 15 events scheduled for Fordham University between now and then, mostly comprised by Fordham’s baseball and softball teams. Two of the 15 are a part of the softball team’s home opener against Massachusetts University on the afternoon of March 21, and another home event could come into play if Fordham Women’s Basketball makes the WNIT.

The games will go on, but all nonessential staff will not be there. ESPN+, the television partner of the Atlantic 10, also plans to go on with its coverage of Fordham sports.